My Birthday Gifts

This past weekend, we celebrated my birthday. As in the past, Sidney once again gave me perfect, practical gifts. If you are looking to purchase presents for your significant other for an upcoming special occasion, perhaps you might want to take my wife’s lead with the following two gift ideas…

Lap Desk – Nearly two years ago, Sidney gave me my first lap desk for Christmas. I loved it. I used the thing on a daily basis for journaling, bill paying, card writing, and much more. However, it met its demise earlier this fall when Beau jumped up and down on its surface, cracking the poor thing. It was technically still usable but dodging all the fractures proved difficult. Thanks so Sidney, I now have a new and improved lap desk. The cushion is much comfier and it includes a handle for easy transport. This version also has a mounted clip to secure documents. In the 48 hours I have had my new lap desk in my possession, I have used it multiple times.

This is what my new lap desk looks like.

Reading Light – I like to read in bed and a lot of nights I will go to sleep after Sidney. In order to actually see the words I want to read, I have to either turn on a night light in our room or use my phone’s flashlight to illuminate the pages. This can understandably prove distracting to someone who is trying to sleep. That dilemma ended this weekend as Sid gave me a reading light. The device attaches to the cover of the book and projects enough light on the page for easy readability while preventing any overflow onto the person who is trying to sleep.

A look at my reading light in action.

Simple. Effective. Practical. Thanks again, Sidney, for knowing me so well! Don’t Blink.

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