Birthday Gifts From Wife 2023

As she always does, my wife spoiled me on my birthday. Besides baking me a cake, hanging birthday banners, and getting our house ready for my party, she also gave me gifts. Here is what I received this year…

Twizzler Bites – My favorite candy is Twizzler Bites. I went on a cleanse prior to my birthday and the one thing I craved throughout the entire diet was licorice. Thankfully my wife satisfied my craving with a pack of these.

I had been craving Twizzler Bites.

Stamps – My wife took note when I designated stamps as my Recommended Gift For the 2021 Holiday Season. She purchased me a book of classic American flag stamps and I will surely use them with love and creativity.

Every one of these stamps will be used…hopefully more on family/friends than on bills.

Charging Pad – Most nights Sidney beats me to bed. When I go into our dark room to go to sleep, I plug in my phone. However, because of the blackout conditions, I find myself struggling to insert the USB connector into the charging port. It might have resulted in me uttering some choice words of frustration. Sidney decided to eliminate this little issue by gifting me a charging pad. I no longer have to connect anything, I just have to rest my phone on the pad and it charges!

This charging pad will come in handy during the middle of the night.

Comfy Pullover – With the beautiful autumn we enjoy in this part of the country, a light layer to throw on before heading outside is just what you need. This Goodfellow pullover from Target is extremely comfortable and it is also blue…my favorite color! Sid picked this out for me with our upcoming family portrait shoot quickly approaching.

This is a good layer garment.


Thoughtful. Functional. Personal. Thanks, Sidney, for getting me presents that fit all those categories. Next birthday is yours! Don’t Blink.

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