Reptile Thursday Rundown

Good evening everyone! This is my first Thursday Rundown as a 37-year-old so let’s hope I can prove that I still have it. Here are your topics…

Candy Bar Cake – If you read my recent blog post about my birthday tradition, you know that the below delicacy is baked frequently on October 8. This is Sid’s famous candy bar cake, a delicacy that consists of chocolate cake and a cream cheese frosting infused with Hershey bar pieces. It is quite possibly the best thing ever as my parents and siblings have grown to love it just as much as me.

An up close look at the latest candy bar cake I had the good fortune of enjoying.

Inspiration At Crush – I once wrote about the prolific coffee culture here in the Inland Northwest and the countless drive-thru espresso stands that line the city. I mentioned that all of these places have their unique “shticks” to try and stand out. Since we moved into our new house, we have been frequenting the stand just a half mile from our house, Crush Espresso. The staff at Crush differentiate themselves from other baristas by writing short inspirational phrases on the lids of the drinks they make. This morning, I ordered Sid and I Lotus drinks and our lids came with the phrases below…

Out lotus drinks from Crush Coffee. The first one says “Make your own sunshine” and the second one says “You are so loved.”

Reptile – I watched a pretty decent movie over the weekend. “Reptile” is a new release on Netflix and it is a crime/cop film that will keep you guessing throughout its duration. Some people might think it is a little slow but I appreciate a good “whodunit” every now and then. The movie includes a solid role from Justin Timberlake who uses the “F” word a lot so just be prepared for that.

I enjoyed watching “Reptile.”

Skeleton – I always appreciate the lighthearted holiday shirts that Walmart releases at the beginning of the month. It is also fun when the Walmart X account responds to my appreciation. Would you proudly wear this shirt?

I took a photo of this shirt I saw at Walmart and posted it on X (formerly known as Twitter). Walmart responded.

Abandoned Mall – I am fascinated by abandoned schools, movie theaters, and department stores. However, I am especially intrigued by abandoned malls. This was Rolling Acres Mall in Akron, Ohio. It was built in the 1970s and at one time boasted more than 140 stores. It eventually hit tough times and was abandoned. When reading up on this mall, my favorite fact was that numerous dystopian-themed movies used it in its decaying state for various scenes.

What a scene!


Thanks for joining me tonight. Please pray for all those in harm’s way in the Holy Land. May peace prevail. Don’t Blink.

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