I don’t know if this is normal or not, but the new house we recently bought didn’t come with a landscaped backyard. So, we were on the hook to get it done ourselves within six months or the overzealous HOA was going to raise hell.

Well, they can slow their roll because we got it done in two. After giving various landscapers in the area the opportunity to install sprinklers and make our small backyard look healthy and green, we decided on the man to do it. But more on him in just one short moment.

Dang, getting your yard landscaped is expensive. Even a small, no-frills project like ours. However, this was just one of those things that we had to bite the bullet on. So let’s take a look at our pre-landscaped backyard from the back porch…

A look at our backyard before any work was done on it.

Okay, and here is what it looked like when you stood beyond our backyard…

Another angle at our backyard before work started.

Now, let’s take a peek at the finished product from the porch…

Our completed backyard from the porch.

And this is what it looks like from beyond the backyard…

Here is another angle of our completed backyard.

Not bad, right? Well, to be honest, unlike my dad, I don’t have the credentials to say what constitutes a nice-looking lawn and what doesn’t. But we have grass now so that must count for something.

We hired Ryan McGee of Luxury Landscapes & Development to do our project. He estimated that the job would take at least five days but Ryan and his partner managed to complete it in two. We appreciated their hard work and for offering the lowest bid. I recommend Luxury Landscapes & Development for any landscaping projects you might have.

We won’t have to mow our backyard until the spring. So for right now, we can just enjoy it. It sure is nice to watch the gorgeous sunrises with some grass at our feet. Don’t Blink.

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