Homemade Pizza

Last night, we did something for the first time as a family. In fact, it was the first time Sid and I did it in our marriage. Heck, it was the first time we did it in our entire relationship.

We made homemade pizza.

We made these delicious-looking pizzas on Monday night.

For a couple months now, I have had the itch to make pizza. When my sister gave me a pizza stone set for my birthday, it sealed the deal. We were making pie on Monday night!

My sister got me this pizza stone set for my birthday.

I have great memories making pizza as a kid. My mom would let us spread the sauce, sprinkle the cheese, and place the toppings. She would also bust out the muffin pan for a unique pizza experience. If you have never made pizza cupcakes, you are missing out.

So I am glad we finally took advantage of making homemade pizza. Of course the kids were extremely overeager to help. It took patience and acceptance that the kitchen was going to get really messy.

Sid forming the dough in one of the pans we used.

Sloan didn’t do too bad. Beau was pretty tough to handle as he wanted to do everything that his big sister did. But they all played valuable roles when it came to making the pizza.

Sloan working hard to form her pizza dough.

We completely winged it. We had our pizza dough and we experimented from there. My biggest obstacle was getting my dough to expand to fit the pan. I would stretch it out and then it would fall back into a lump. I ended up using a lot of flour.

We made three pizzas and a cheesy bread.

It took more time to cook our pizza than anticipated. We chalk this up to making our crust too thick. Next time we will use less dough for a thinner consistency.

Beau smiling because it is time to eat pizza!

Final verdict? I really enjoyed my thick, doughy pie. Sid and the kids? Not so much. But you better believe we will be transforming our kitchen back into a pizzeria soon. If anyone has pizza baking tips, please share. Don’t Blink.

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