My Inner Nerdiness

During our weekly University Marketing and Communications leadership meetings, we begin with a fun/off-topic question to lighten the mood. Yesterday, the question was what was the worst fashion decision you ever made? I answered by admitting that back in middle school I accessorized my wardrobe by wearing a pocket watch. Yes, I know what you are thinking: Middle school is hard enough, why heighten the nerd factor my wearing a pocket watch?

Speaking of nerdiness, today is Find Your Inner Nerd Day. Needless to say, I didn’t have to do much searching to find mine. According to this super official day, the goal is to “share your uniqueness and your favorite nerdy things with the world today.” Okay, I will play along. Here are 10 ways in which I am a complete nerd…

You ready for this list? My annoying/nerdy hand-rubbing habit is included!

– Before going to bed, I always lay out my clothes for the next day

– I write in a journal—or as my brother calls it, a “diary”—every single day

– Much to my wife’s scorn, I use those tree-shaped air fresheners in my car

I rub my hands together constantly as an unconscious, excited act

– Just short of a pocket protector, I always carry at least one pen in my pocket

– I write on stationary that is printed with my name, blog address, and social media handle

– I proudly wear New Balance shoes

Our bedroom clock is 25 minutes fast to ensure that I will never sleep in

– I collected bouncy balls as a kid

– At the gym, I carry around towels designated for washing your car as my sweat towels

It goes without saying, I am a nerd! In fact, I think my nerdiness goes beyond “inner” and manifests itself externally in a major as well. At least I am embrace it, right? Don’t Blink.

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