The Intrigue of S’mores

When we were on vacation earlier this month, we made s’mores three nights in a row. It may have been the favorite activity that Sloan and Beau did while in Seabrook. Is there anything better than roasting marshmallows on an open fire and then snatching it off the skewer with two graham crackers loaded with Hershey chocolate? I think not.

Making s’mores was one of our favorite activities while in Seabrook.

But can I make a confession? I don’t really like s’mores. Sure, making them is a lot of fun but as a confectionery treat I am not a big fan. To be honest, when we were in Seabrook, I pumped out golden brown marshmallows for the kids to use in their own s’mores but I held off myself to save room for ice cream later that night.

Sloan and I roasting marshmallows in Seabrook.

When I say I am not crazy about s’mores, I am talking specifically about the traditional graham cracker/chocolate bar/marshmallow combination. Something about that classic trio just doesn’t sit right with my stomach. I don’t particularly care for the messiness either. It is tough to take a clean bite as the graham crackers typically slide of the marshmallow and it is impossible to eat a s’more without being left with sticky hands.

A look at our s’mores ingredients from our vacation. I am not a huge fan of these three items combined together.

But the flavor of s’mores? I am all about that. Whether it be s’mores cereal, cheesecake, Pop-Tarts, donuts, etc., I will gladly partake. In the same way that I like the artificial taste of blueberry but not the fruit itself, the same holds true for s’mores.

Sloan roasts a marshmallow in Seabrook.

One final thing that I should make clear: I am a darn good marshmallow cooker. As I said just a moment ago, I have a knack for making them golden brown. And while I don’t care for a traditional s’mores sandwich, I do enjoy the fruits of my labor. So while I would supply my kids with marshmallows I made to perfection after they torched their own, I would also sneak a couple for myself.

S’mores are fun to make even if they aren’t my favorite sweet treat.

As I write this blog post, I am very sensitive to the fact that s’more season is pretty much finished in the northwest, especially here in eastern Washington. Wildfires are devastating our area and it is flat out irresponsible to possibly contribute to the carnage with a s’mores-induced spark. So for those of us who live where I live, let’s make sure to stick with s’mores Pop-Tarts and s’mores cheesecake. Don’t Blink.

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