Wardrobe Crime Scene

If Sidney wants to embarrass me a bit and draw a laugh, she will tell the people or group we are with one of my quirks. My wife will explain that I feel a pressing need to pick out my clothes the night before.

Sidney will then mischievously tell everyone that I don’t simply hang up or neatly fold my next day’s wardrobe. Instead, and this is how Sid explains it, I will lay them out in a way that resembles “a crime scene” when a dead person’s body is outlined in chalk. By the time she gets to this part of the story, she is always howling in laughter and the other people are usually too.

I always lay out my clothes the night before.

What can I say? One of the traits of a Type A-obsessed person like myself is to plan ahead. When I lay my clothes out, my thinking is that it will expedite how long it takes to get dressed in the morning. By placing everything in front of me, it saves time compared to if I had to take things off hangers or unfold my shirt and pants.

It just isn’t clothes. I try to do as much the night before as possible. That means making my lunch and packing any necessary bags. When the morning hits, I want to be as efficient and prepared as possible.

Of course my Type A personality goes way beyond preparing for the next morning. But some of those stories and methods are for future blogs. For now, it is just important to know that I create a mock crime scene every night. Don’t Blink.

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  1. Uh oh, I thought everyone did this! back in my suit and tie days, I spent a lot of time matching ties to shirts, belts to shoes and such. I suspect my Type A personality gets me in more trouble than it gets me out of……but do not despair. There is a place for folks who are similarly cursed……..trust me!

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