French Braid Thursday Rundown

Hope everyone is feeling positive and happy tonight. If not, perhaps this blog post can improve your mood…although I doubt it. Here are this week’s random five topics…

Hair Do – To end last week, Sloan felt she needed a little more pizazz. Sidney knew exactly what to do by giving Sloan a different hair style. On Friday, Sloan showed up to school with French braids. I think she looked pretty cute!

Sloan with her French braids.

Cooking Lesson – As I mentioned earlier this week, in 2023 we are trying to introduce more non-fiction options into Sloan’s nightly reading. Not that long ago we read a book that focused on general cooking tips for the first half and creative/sweet recipes for the second half. After we read the book I told Sloan we could make one of the recipes. She thoughtfully evaluated the handful of options she had and selected the flourless chocolate cake. Over the weekend we went to the grocery store and bought all the ingredients and then made the cake in our kitchen. It turned out great and was such a fun and educational activity.

We read a cooking book and then actually used one of the recipes in it to make a chocolate flourless cake.

Now Streaming in the Reser Household – If the TV is on at our house these days, most likely an episode of “New Amsterdam” is playing. This is Sid’s latest binge-watching obsession. It falls into the category of “Sid-Likes-Brent-Couldn’t-Care-Less” as it joins other shows like “Shameless” and “Parenthood” that had many seasons and looooooong runs in our home. The good thing about a show playing on our TV that I am not fully engaged in is that it allows me to do other things, such as read. I still get to sit next to Sid and be in her company but I am just not glued to the screen.

“New Amsterdam” is on at our house on a pretty consistent basis these days.

Cat Comic – For all the feline lovers out there (I am one of them), I think you will get a kick out of this Off the Mark comic that ran in yesterday’s newspaper. Is this the truth or what?

A perfect comic for a cat fan.

Box Game – In elementary school, did you ever play the “box game” against a friend? The one where you make a playing board by drawing a bunch of dots on a loose piece of paper and then attempt to connect the dots to make boxes? You know, then you place your initials inside the box you create? Well, Sidney introduced the game to Sloan last Friday night when we had a rather long wait at a restaurant. We made a lot of boxes that night.

Sid and Sloan playing the box game at True Legends restaurant.


I have a very special birthday to celebrate this weekend and I hope you have something to look forward to as well. Thanks for reading my blog. Don’t Blink.

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