An Annoying Habit

I twitch my eyes, fold my arms, and tug at my wedding ring. These are just physical mannerisms, some might call them nervous ticks, that I have. The first one gets my wife the most, who believes it is a sign of agitation (it really isn’t). But, there is one outwardly quirk that I do the most.

I rub my hands together. Obsessively.

I have rubbed my hands together obsessively for a couple of decades.

Although excitement will cause me to start rubbing my hands the most vigorously, I will do it in other instances, including for no reason at all.

I can’t pinpoint how I picked up the habit but I know I have been doing it since early high school. Well, at least that is as far back as I remember my friends mocking me for it. You see, it is not a subtle or quiet rubbing of the hands. Rather, it is a hands-tightly-clasped-aggressive rubbing that can be heard through walls.

Believe it or not, I do it so much that Sloan started to do it! Don’t worry, she is not doomed. Sidney immediately intervened and weaned her from performing the act. Not just that, but Sid taught her to actively push back against it. Now when I do it, Sloan will assertively say, “Stop rubbing your hands together, daddy!”

I think everyone who knows me well is aware of my habit and I am sure people I don’t think are aware of it actually are. Like I said, you don’t need to see me doing it to know that I do it.

Maybe in the future I will be more cognizant of it and try to stop. But, for the time being, judging by what my wife thinks it means, I should work on my eye twitching first. Don’t Blink.

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