Fast Clocks

On Saturday night I went room to room changing our clocks. But I was doing slightly more than just forwarding them an hour for Daylight Savings. In somewhat of a sneaky way, I would also quickly tap the minute button a couple times before going to the next room.

Those who know me usually despise a certain quirk of mine. I keep fast clocks! Whether it be the analogue clock in our living room, the clock on our stove, the clock in the car, or the clock on our microwave, I make sure they are all at least a few minutes fast. At least.

I always keep the clock in our living room fast.

I feel better with fast clocks. They keep you on time and also provide comfort. I always look at the clocks in our house as if they are accurate and then complete tasks according to what they say. However, if I ever feel myself falling behind or if something is taking longer than I intended it to, I will remind myself that I still have a few minutes to spare. That sense of relief is awesome.

Speaking of that sense of relief, I also keep our bedroom clock fast too. When I wake up in the middle of the night I look to it. In a somewhat disoriented state I will look at the clock and decipher how much longer I have to sleep. I will calculate the time left to snooze and then realize I can tack on several more minutes to that. Best. Feeling. Ever.

Keeping my clocks fast is indeed a psychological game I play with myself because I feel it gives me an edge. However, not everyone likes to play the game. Family members have outright questioned my sanity for doing such a thing. My wife thinks it is absurd. Others aren’t as ecstatic as I am once they discover they have extra time to spare.

I will admit that in the past I let my little habit get a little out of control—we are talking clocks that aren’t 7 minutes fast but 70 minutes fast. With that said, I have kept it more manageable over the past several years. I like to keep my clocks about 10 minutes fast.

Am I crazy? Or do I have readers who also appreciate a fast clock too? Regardless, I think we can rejoice that the time change we all made this past weekend is a good one. Enjoy the extra daylight, everyone! Don’t Blink.

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