Stressful and Special Thursday Rundown

Good evening, friends! Let me be one of the first ones to remind you that Daylight Saving Time will begin this Sunday (March 14) so remember to move your clocks ahead an hour. Another welcome reminder of spring! Let’s get started with the Thursday Rundown…

A Stressful Day – Overwhelmed. A year ago on this date, that was how I felt. A large moving truck pulled up to our house and emptied everything. It was a reality check that we really were moving and that my days in Myrtle Beach were numbered. Navigating a move is extremely stressful and working with the moving company was one of my least favorite parts. Now 12 months removed from that day, I can confidently say all that stress and anxiety was worth it!

On March 11, 2021, this moving truck pulled up at our house in Myrtle Beach and packed up all our belongings.

Heat Warmers – These bags are awesome to warm the hands of any Coug fan on cold winter nights but the story behind them is even better. My mom recently gave me these heat warmers. She is a paraeducator in one of the Developmental Learning Center (DLC) classrooms at Mead High School. Her students not only make these heat warmers but they are the ones marketing and selling them too! It is all part of the Business Opportunity School for Success (BOSS) program. The students make bags of varying sizes and prints. Let me know if you are interested in purchasing some of your own!

The DLC students at Mead High School are making and selling heat warmers. My mom bought this pair for me.

Sloan’s Special Day – Last Saturday, Uncle Glen and Aunt Carrie treated Sloan to a day that was all about her. They arrived at our house and presented Sloan with a rose. Aunt Carrie then took her to the salon where Sloan got her first pedicure. Next was dinner at Red Robin. They then took her back to their house for ice cream. Needless to say, Sloan loved having all the attention focused on her. So thankful to have family members who go out of their way to make our kids feel special!

Aunt Carrie and Uncle Glen treated Sloan to a special day.

Frutopia – I came across this meme the other day and found myself resonating with pretty much everything depicted (except for the Pizzarias…what the heck are those?). But what especially struck a chord with me were the bottles of Frutopia in the bottom right hand corner. Seeing the drink brought me right back to middle school and the Frutopia vending machine right outside of the gym. These were the cool things to drink and forget the fact that they were all sugar because if the first three letters were “fru” they had to have been healthy! Good times.

All this stuff brought a smile to my face…especially the Frutopia.

Pete the Cat – Sloan’s favorite children’s book series is Pete the Cat. She loves that adventurous feline! Naturally, when we went to the library we checked out several of Pete’s books. Do you or your children like Pete the Cat? If so, please let me know your favorite book in the series. I would love to get it for Sloan.

Sloan loves “Pete the Cat.” Do you have a favorite book in the series?


I believe that is it for tonight. Hope you get the chance to watch some college basketball this weekend. Don’t Blink.

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