June 11: Blessed By The Sacraments

Today, Sidney and I celebrate our seventh anniversary. Ah, “lucky seven” indeed. Our marriage grows stronger each year because we become better at accepting the grace that God bestows upon married couples. Yep, there is something supremely powerful about the sacrament of holy matrimony.

Incredibly, this morning, the date of June 11 became even more significant for Sidney and I.

Sidney and I entered into holy matrimony on June 11, 2016. Little did we know that June 11 would increase even more in significance a little later down the road.


A special invitation came exactly three weeks ago as we strolled into the sunshine after the post-mass coffee and donuts social hour at St. Mary. We walked out of the gym with our dear friends, Ryan and Allyson Andrade. Our family started to pull ahead because the Andrades were naturally taking extra care with their brand new 5-day-old baby boy. But before we could completely leave them in the dust, I turned around.

“Brent,” Ryan had called my name.

I changed directions and walked back toward our friends. It was at that moment that Ryan and Allyson asked us to be the godparents of Noble Josiah Andrade. The raw emotion of humility was amplified even more when they told us the date of the ceremony.

This is me holding Baby Andrade at 9 days old. We had been asked to be his godparents a couple days before this photo was taken.


In the single greatest honor that Sid and I have received together as a married couple, we stood with Ryan, Allyson, and their daughter, Aria, as Noble was baptized by Fr. Jeff Lewis during today’s 9 a.m. mass at St. Mary. As Noble was washed of original sin, Sidney and I became forever bound to him—and to each other once again—in the role of godparents.

We snapped this selfie after Noble was baptized at St. Mary Catholic Church in Spokane Valley on June 11, 2023. Fr. Jeff Lewis performed the baptism.

Suddenly, June 11 managed to mean even more than it had from 2016 through 2022. No longer just a date when Sidney and I committed to each other, it was now a date when we also committed to the life of a precious baby boy. Alleluia!

Sidney holds Noble at his baptism reception. How lucky we are to be part of this little dude’s life!

Today has been the most meaningful anniversary we have had since tying the knot and it is going to be tough to beat in the future. That we were trusted with such an important role in Noble’s life is in part, at least I believe (although I can’t read the minds of Ryan and Allyson), a testament to the strength of our marriage. Our friends saw something in us that they thought would be spiritually beneficial to Noble and now it is our turn to prove them right.

As Sidney wrote on Noble’s cross, he is very loved. And Sidney, you are loved too! 🙂

Happy anniversary, Sidney! Happy baptism, Noble! I love you both and look forward to many more glorious June 11s. Thanks be to God. Don’t Blink. 🙏

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