Today is the last day of June and this month was as awesome as advertised. We became godparents, watched our good friends get married, finished up the school year, hosted Sidney’s parents, ushered my mom into retirement, celebrated our anniversary, enjoyed an epic Hoopfest weekend, and I went on a work trip to Everett. So many blessings!

It was an incredible June.

But today isn’t significant just in the fact that the month of June ends. Rather, today is the final day of the first half of 2023.

I always attach a lot of significance to July 1. Professionally, the beginning of July means a new fiscal year for many but from a personal perspective I always evaluate it for what it truly is—the midpoint of the year. In fact, I treat June 30 – July 1 as a metaphorical halftime. When a sporting event reaches halftime, you address what happened in the first half and then make adjustments to be successful in the second half. How doesn’t that apply perfectly to the halftime of life as well?

I invite you to take some time to think back on the first six months of 2023. How did it go? Successes? Challenges? Are you set up well for the final six months of 2023? Do you need to make some adjustments? If you allow me to take this silly sports analogy a step further, from a basketball standpoint, what is your halftime score? Are you crushing this year and up 65-40 at halftime? Or is it neck-and-neck with a 55-55 tie game? Perhaps you have experienced some adversity and find yourself entering the second half of the year trailing 56-48.

Whatever your situation, take solace in the fact that there is an entire second half to play. You can use the next six months to extend your lead even more, pull away from the close game you find yourself in, or make a courageous comeback and win the year.

Our family is heading into the locker room with a modest halftime lead. However, we have the potential to break the game open in the second half. Stay tuned to this blog for your full play-by-play of what will be a big six months for us.

I hope you are able to end your June on a high note and then begin tomorrow with lots of motivation and optimism. You got this! Don’t Blink.

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