No Excuses Thursday Rundown

I am adjusting to life back on the east side of the state after the Everett conference so excuse me if I seem a bit lethargic. Ha! Just kidding, that’s an awful excuse. Before I can make an even lamer one let’s get straight to tonight’s Thursday Rundown…

Beautiful Wedding – Our dear friends and neighbors got married this past weekend. Dylan and Fidela became Mr. and Mrs. Perry when they entered into Holy Matrimony at St. Mary Catholic Church last Saturday. We have counted down to this day for awhile now so it was gratifying to see their special day come to fruition. The reception was held at Green Bluff’s Trezzi Farm during an afternoon that could not have been more beautiful. Please pray that Dylan and Fidela enjoy a long, happy marriage.

Sidney and I had the privilege of attending the wedding of Dylan and Fidela on June 3, 2023.

Beau Update – Alright, five days after that nasty fall I thought I would update you on what Beau’s face looks like today. He has entered the scab phase which is good because it means he is making process. His mug still looks pretty beat up but the worst is now behind him.

This is what Beau’s face looks like as of Thursday morning. It is healing.

What Made Me Ashamed As A Kid – On this date 8 years ago, I wrote about my struggles with my speech as a child. I came clean about the speech therapy classes I attended during elementary school and the shame I would feel when the therapist came to take me out of my mainstream class to attend her session. However, at least I can look back on it now with gratitude as I know without those classes I very well could still have a speech impediment today.

Starting around this age it was apparent that I had a speech problem.

Spumoni – I have written about my grandpa’s Italian restaurant before. But what I haven’t discussed is that spumoni ice cream was served quite frequently throughout the eight decades that the Pastime was open. This past weekend I tasted spumoni ice cream for the first time in decades as the Italian restaurant we visited served me up a scoop. At Ferraro’s in Spokane Valley, all adult entrees and children menu items come with ice cream. Although Sid and the kids each ordered a scoop of vanilla, I asked for the cherry/vanilla/pistachio legendary mix that is known as spumoni. It was just as magical on Friday night as it was during any given night in 1995.

This was the dish of spumoni ice cream that I received at Ferraro’s in the Spokane Valley on Friday night.

Cartoon Pizza – Speaking of 1995, the below meme perfectly describes the quest I have embarked on since the mid-90s. But it wasn’t just the “cartoonized” pizza from “A Goofy Movie” that I have salivated over. I always felt the pizza depicted in the original animated “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” series was presented in a very delicious manner.

I am still searching too.


And with that, I am calling it a night. Thanks for hanging with me and I wish you a satisfying weekend. Don’t Blink.

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