Jurassic Park’s Milestone

When June 11 rolls around, I am focused on a couple of major personal milestones. So, no offense to what I am going to write about briefly tonight, but this particular topic didn’t stand a chance at getting mentioned this past Sunday. Hopefully a belated anniversary shout out will be sufficient.

Did you know that on June 11, 1993, that “Jurassic Park” was released in theaters? That means that the movie turned 30 years old a couple days ago. THIRTY (3-0) YEARS OLD! Can you believe it?

I was a big “Jurassic Park” fan as a 6-year-old.

I thought it was worth mentioning because “Jurassic Park” was the FIRST and only one of three films that I have seen more than once in the theater. The only other two? “Titanic” and “Rise of the Guardians.”

By the time its long theater run had expired, I watched “Jurassic Park” three times in the theater. Numerous reasons can be used to explain my mania for the movie…

– I loved dinosaurs at the time

– Getting the opportunity to watch a PG-13 movie as a 6-year-old was pretty rad (for having strict parents, I actually can’t believe they allowed me to watch it)

– The soundtrack was awesome

– All my friends loved the movie too – one of my trips to the theater to watch “Jurassic Park” came about because I was invited to a birthday party where a rowdy bunch of 5 and 6 year olds screened it

I remember the ensuing October all I wanted for my birthday party was “Jurassic Park” stuff. I got my wish as I had more dinosaur figurines than I knew what to do with including the prized t-rex. I also remember counting down the days until the highly anticipated sequel, “The Lost World: Jurassic Park,” hit theaters.

But after “The Lost World,” I lost (pun intended) interest in the Jurassic Park franchise. The next and last time I would watch another Jurassic movie in the theaters was in 2015 when Sidney and I watched “Jurassic World.”

With that said, nothing can ever take away that passion and fandom I had for the original “Jurassic Park.” But for as much I enjoyed it, I doubt I will even remember its anniversary next year when Sid and I celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary and Noble celebrates his baptism birthday. Don’t Blink.

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