Expo Thursday Rundown

We are now midway through June and thus far this month has been as spectacular as advertised. I believe I have five topics to share with you tonight so let’s get started…

Healthy Kids Day – Last Friday, the Spokane Valley YMCA held Healthy Kids Day. My sister and nephew met Beau, Sloan, and I at the Y for an evening of free entertainment. They played on inflatables, climbed the rock wall, ate complimentary Azteca tacos, won a lot of free stuff, visited with first responder personnel, and so much more. Kudos to the lady who showed up to blow gigantic bubbles for the kids to run and pop.

Our kids had a lot of fun at Healthy Kids Day at the Spokane Valley YMCA and we appreciated the free t-shirts 🙂

Reminiscing About the Honeymoon – As I have checked my Timehop over the past couple days, it is filled with photos from our honeymoon. Sidney and I went to Cancun in June of 2016 and had such a nice time filled with memories. In fact, we find ourselves fondly reminiscing about our week in Mexico all the time. This is the blog post I wrote about our honeymoon.

Sidney and I had an incredible honeymoon at the Sun Palace in Cancun.

Expo ’74 – Did you know SPOKANE (of all places) hosted the World’s Fair? In 1974, the Lilac City was home to the global event. Before Expo ‘74, downtown Spokane was a wasteland of railroad tracks and sketchy taverns. But some local visionaries pulled off the impossible by attracting the fair and Spokane became the smallest city to ever hold the event. Since I was probably 10, I have had a fascination with Expo ’74 as I consumed all the media relating to it that I could while picking the brain of my mom who was lucky enough to attend it. My WSU co-worker, Addy Hatch, used to work for the Spokesman-Review and wrote all the copy for a special section the paper did to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Expo ’74 in 2014. When I heard she did such a thing, I asked if a link existed that she could send me. Instead, she told me she could do even better by sending me an actual copy! It showed up in the mailbox on Tuesday and I took my time going through the whole thing that night. What a treat!

This was the front of the special section of the Spokesman-Review that commemorated the 40th anniversary of Expo ’74. It was published in 2014 and written/compiled by Addy Hatch.

To Leslie – This is one of those films that I recommended to my parents thinking they would like it but actually hated it. Oops. Still doesn’t change my favorable opinion about the movie. “To Leslie” tells the story of a woman who won the lottery, albeit a relatively small jackpot, and squandered all her money. She then falls on extremely hard times as a homeless alcoholic. I enjoyed the pace and vibe of the film as it seemed to honestly portray the life of a person who found herself as an outcast of society. If you are looking for something to watch on Netflix, I say give it a try.

Although I enjoyed “To Leslie” my parents did not.

Happy Father’s Day – As we approach Father’s Day weekend, I just want to give a shout out to these two guys! I am grateful for the examples that my dad and father-in-law have set about what it means to be a loving father and a good man. It was a joy to get these two together earlier this week (below photo) as my in-laws arrived in Spokane on Saturday. My dad and Sid’s dad always hit it off the moment they see each other.

Happy Father’s Day to these two great men!


That will conclude things for tonight. Always try to stay positive, my friends, and enjoy these long and glorious days of June. Don’t Blink.

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