Sweetness Thursday Rundown

Good evening from a frigid Spokane! To be honest, the coldest I have been in the past 12 months was when we were in Myrtle Beach for the holidays. Low temperatures and humidity can combine to rattle your bones. But I think today takes the cake as this morning it was only 10 degrees. Okay, let’s get started with the rundown…

Beau’s Initiation to Sweets – We now know that Beau has a sweet tooth like his daddy. On the morning of his birthday, we gave him a donut for breakfast. He grabbed it with both hands and gobbled the whole thing up. At that point we knew he was going to enjoy his cake. When we had Beau’s birthday celebration on Saturday night, he wasn’t tentative like his sister on her 1st birthday. Rather, he dug right into the smash cake that Sidney made for him. If it wasn’t for Sid cutting it in half, he would have ate the whole thing too just like the donut.

Beau gobbled his donut and birthday smash cake.

Fatima – My movie recommendation of the week is “Fatima.” I was so happy when I saw that this film was available on Netflix as I have been wanting to watch it since it was released several months ago. The movie is about our Blessed Mother’s appearances to three children in Fatima, Portugal, in 1917. The true story depicts how despite strong skepticism and pressure from others, the children continued to meet with Mary at appointed times as their devotion to her never wavered. The appearances culminated in the Miracle of the Sun that Mary performed in front of 70,000 people. Sloan watched the movie with me and was enthralled so it is a good choice for all ages. As we move towards the beginning of Lent next week, “Fatima” would make a great option for weekend viewing. Also, coincidentally, today is the feast day of Our Lady of Lourdes. On this date 163 years ago, the Virgin Mary appeared for the first of 18 times to Saint Bernadette. St Mary, pray for us!

“Fatima” would be a great movie to watch this weekend.

New Products – I tried a couple fun and new products over the past week. During the Super Bowl, my beverage of choice was Mt. Dew’s Major Melon soda. It had a refreshing watermelon taste and did wonders to wash down all the salty foods I ate during the game. Warning, the aftertaste was a little weird. My brother scored the Dunkin Donuts cereals for me at Fred Meyer. They were on sale for 99 cents each. I have already ate the whole box of the caramel macchiato flavor and I am now onto the mocha latte box. When they are poured into a bowl they both look the same with dark puff pieces and white marshmallows. Believe it or not, they taste similar too. With that said, the coffee-flavored cereals aren’t that bad, especially when you are paying less than a dollar for a box.

I had the opportunity to try the new Mt. Dew flavor and Dunkin cereals.

Eating Spokane Chick-fil-A – After writing numerous times about Chick-fil-A coming to Spokane (here and here and here), I finally got to eat from our local franchise on Friday night. Although it opened in December, long drive-thru lines that produced consistent multiple-hour-waits kept us away. However, now that the Spokane Chick-fil-A has been open for two months now, it only took Sid and my sister an hour to maneuver through the drive-thru. Lucky for me, my spicy chicken sandwich tasted just as good in Spokane as it did in South Carolina. I know Sid was happy to get a little taste of home.

Sloan eating her Chick-fil-A on Friday night.

Tom Brady’s “Touchdown” Pass – You might have heard that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had their Super Bowl victory boat parade yesterday. One person who had an especially good time was Tom Brady as he was visibly drunk while celebrating his seventh Super Bowl victory. The fact that he needed a little assistance to stand didn’t shock me as much as when he threw the Lombardi Trophy from his yacht to a boat that some other players were on. Even though I knew he was going to do it when I watched the tape, I couldn’t help but hold my breath as the hardware flew over the water. Luckily it was a completion but nonetheless it was an ill-advised pass.

Tom Brady throwing the Lombardi Trophy was a little extreme.


That’s a wrap for me tonight. Thanks for reading and stay warm this weekend. Don’t Blink.

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