Dan Kleckner Thursday Rundown

I am munching on some Cub Scout caramel corn right now and it is so good. I need to stop snacking and start writing! Easier said than done. Okay, let’s get going…

Dan Kleckner Signing Off – Growing up in Spokane, my family would always see KHQ news anchor Dan Kleckner in one of two ways…either inside our house via the TV or in the pews for mass at St. Thomas More. He was Mr. Consistent and a local Spokane celebrity who always represented his community well. When I returned to this city 15 years after leaving for college and starting my professional career, I was heartened to see that Kleckner was still in his KHQ anchor post. You don’t always get that with local news personalities. Tonight, Dan Kleckner signed off for the final time in his 40-year journalism career. I will miss his talent and professionalism.

Dan Kleckner signed off from KHQ tonight.

Professor Beau – I don’t know how I feel about this photo but it is definitely a different look for Beau so I decided to run it. Earlier this week my dad put his reading glasses on Beau while the little guy examined a pamphlet. He looks very….academic? Again, don’t know if I really care for this side of Beau but there you have it.

Meet Professor Beau!

Soda Fountain – If you ever go to the Grocery Outlet in Spokane Valley, you will find a shelf that has canned soda for $.25. You can usually find some eccentric flavors, most likely promo inventory that didn’t sell. The other day I picked up a can of Major Melon Mt. Dew and a can of Frost Bite Mt. Dew. I tried Major Melon during last February’s Super Bowl but only in bottle form. I had never tried Frost Bite until I cracked open the can a couple nights ago. The verdict? Mellow taste that deserves to be tried!

I recently bought some unique Mt. Dews.

New Marquee – Back in 2018, I identified the light up LED marquee box as the best inexpensive holiday gift of the season. I had received one in 2017 and used it heavily throughout the year. In fact, I used it heavily for the next three years after that as well. But the $10 gift eventually succumbed to wear and tear putting me in the market for a new one. Sidney delivered on my birthday when she upgraded me to a color marquee with a whole library of emojis. Heck, it even comes with a remote control that allows you to switch on different effects like strobe and flash. Sid tested out the new toy by drafting a message that honored yours truly.

I am the owner of this new light up marquee box.

Unicorn Dreams – Three years ago on this date, Sidney brought home a unicorn. Well, a unicorn costume that is. Sloan fit inside it perfectly and got to break it in for a couple weeks before Halloween. What will Sloan and Beau be this year? That is still up for discussion!

Sidney and Sloan share a laugh on October 14, 2018.


Okay, I managed to put away the popcorn once I hit my first topic. But now that this baby is done I think I am going to reach for the bag again. Have a great weekend! Don’t Blink.

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