Appreciating Facebook Groups

For many, Facebook has the reputation of being an archaic social media platform. People, especially the younger generation, look at it as the channel that their grandma is on. It is not uncommon for Facebook to be the butt of social media jokes, sometimes mockingly compared to MySpace.

Despite its “uncool” reputation, I still really value Facebook. From a professional standpoint, its userbase and advertising capabilities are second to none. Personally, I am still able to use it to connect with a lot of people I would otherwise lose touch with. But there is another strength of Facebook that I appreciate that you can’t really get on any other social media channels…


I value Facebook Groups.

Since its inception, Facebook has allowed likeminded users to create groups. Back when I first joined, I belonged to Facebook groups for my residence hall and an intramural softball team I was on. Fast forward 15 years and I am still very much part of Facebook groups but in a more sophisticated way.

Groups on Facebook have evolved from simply aligning yourself with something you are part of to serving as a community that provides tangible benefits. Notice my emphasis on community.

Perhaps the best professional networking resource I have at my disposal is a Facebook group for higher education social media professionals. The forum is always bustling with activity and is the place to throw around ideas and connect with counterparts across the country. I also belong to multiple other groups that are career-focused, whether it be niche communities like digital media buyers or TikTok advertisers. The users in these groups bring a wealth of knowledge and willingness to help.  Thus, it makes it pretty easy to check them on a daily basis.

Aside from professional development, I am part of Facebook groups that keep me glued into the local community that I live in. I am part of groups that highlight Christmas light displays, traffic accidents, activities for kids, festivals, and so much more. Like with my work-related groups, the common characteristics are solid information and helpfulness.

The detail, camaraderie, and usefulness of Facebook groups cannot be found on Instagram or Twitter. Competing social channels simply can’t compete in this respect and it is one of the reasons why Facebook will continue to stay relevant, no matter how many social media hacks will tell you differently. What Facebook group is your personal go-to? Don’t Blink.

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