Aw, Shucks Thursday Rundown

Who out there is enjoying these long days? In my opinion, there is nothing better than daylight lasting until 9 p.m. Let’s get started with this Thursday Rundown so you can read it before it gets dark.

Looking Back on our Honeymoon – For the next several days, my Timehop will be filled with photos and videos from our honeymoon. Two years ago at this time, we were admiring beautiful blue waters and sipping on delicious adult beverages. The Sun Palace in Cancun was luxurious and the experience was incredible. I recapped our special trip in this blog post and then last year I gave my best tips on how to truly enjoy a honeymoon.

Sidney and I had an incredible honeymoon at the Sun Palace in Cancun.

McDonald’s Tweet – It is common for me to share tweets directed at me from major companies. The latest brand to tweet me? McDonald’s! I recently mentioned that the ice cream at Mickey D’s is underrated. Trust me, if you can’t appreciate the simplicity and goodness of a McDonald’s soft serve cone, you don’t like ice cream. My compliment was enough for the chain to hit me back, tweeting Aw, shucks, Brent; you’re making us blush. Well played, McDonald’s.

This is how McDonald’s responded to my tweet about its ice cream.

Growth – Thought it would be fun to show how much our little girl has grown over the past 365 days. The photo on the left is from June 14, 2017. The photo on the right is from this morning as she watched “her shows” on our living room TV. From a baby to a toddler in the blink of an eye (seriously, Don’t Blink)!

The left photo is Sloan on June 14, 2017. The photo on the right is of Sloan today, June 14, 2018.

Ocean’s 8 – We made sure to see a movie during our anniversary date on Monday. Sidney and I opted to see “Ocean’s 8” because it was the one movie that was showing exactly at the time we finished dinner and because our favorite comedian actress, Mindy Kailing, has a role in it. I must say the film was rather engaging and clever. The methods used to pull off the heist were very modern and sophisticated, something a digital person like myself could appreciate. The female ensemble cast did a great job and provided plenty of laughs. We both enjoyed “Ocean’s 8” and it has inspired us to watch the previous “Ocean’s” films.

My ticket stub from “Ocean’s 8.”

The Summit – I followed the United States-North Korea summit rather closely. I was most interested in the interactions between the two seemingly completely different, yet in ways strikingly similar, world leaders. I was fascinated by the photos that were released of President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un as well as the various videos showing the two men engaging with one another. Although non-partisan, I do root for peace, especially when millions of lives potentially hang in the balance. With a summit that was once viewed as “impossible,” it was a little surreal to watch it all come together. I pray that the progress that was supposedly made is reflected for decades to come.

From an historical standpoint, I found the images and video from the summit very interesting.


Happy Father’s Day to my dad and father-in-law! I hope everyone has a great weekend celebrating those special men in our lives. Thanks for reading and I look forward to catching up soon. Don’t Blink.

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