Our Second Anniversary

I woke up this morning feeling happy. Usually, if I ever feel overwhelmed or apprehensive, it occurs during those first five minutes when I hop out of bed to start the day. But it was pure bliss this morning.

Today we celebrate our second anniversary.

I needed no reminder, it was our anniversary and I had Sidney right next to me. There was no “the weekend is over” hangover or sluggish thoughts rolling through my head. I just simply felt like an extremely lucky guy.

It has been a special two years of marriage.

Our second wedding anniversary is moments away from shifting into high gear as we go out on our special date. But before we leave the house, I just wanted to very briefly express the thoughts that have swirled around my head for most of the day.

The first wedding anniversary is more of a formality than a celebration. People use it more to say “now the honeymoon is over” as opposed to commemorating the growth that occurred between husband and wife over those first 365 days. But the second anniversary brings with it a little more achievement. You are no longer newlyweds—people see you more as an established married couple.

Lucky to have her hands continue to guide me.

With a baby girl, countless life experiences, and a special synergy between the two of us, we definitely feel like that “established” married couple today. Not that we don’t have a lot to learn or improvements to make, but things simply feel natural at this point.

I think the strong start to our marriage can be attributed to the following: Supportive parents, a strong Catholic faith, simple structure, mutual respect, and the sweetest little girl in the world.

Supportive parents, a strong Catholic faith, and our baby girl have all contributed to a fruitful marriage.

Oh yeah—my incredible better half has definitely done her part to make the first two years of our union prosperous. I can’t thank my wife enough for all she does to take care of me and keep me happy. Sidney is truly a selfless person who does so much to keep our household running and our relationship fulfilling.

Two years later we are a happy family!!

Happy anniversary, Sidney! As you say, another year down and forever to go. Don’t Blink.

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  1. Happy Anniversary #2 to you and Sid! 50 years for us on the 15th and 25 years for my daughter on the 18th! June is a good month! Best wishes to you and your lovely family!

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