Father’s Day 2018

This weekend, I had the joy of celebrating my second Father’s Day as an actual dad. It turned out to be as nice as the first.

Festivities kicked off on Friday afternoon with Sloan’s daycare hosting a “Donuts With Daddy” event. Even though she is only going part time during the summer (on Tuesdays and Thursdays), we were still invited to attend. With free Krispy Kreme donuts up for grabs, you bet we did!

Sloan and I at “Donuts For Daddy.” We love her daycare!

Sloan and I shared a blueberry donut and talked with her friends and teachers. I was also presented with a sweet Father’s Day card that Sloan worked long and hard on. Thank you to Oxford Children’s Academy for once again making us feel special.

I don’t want to put my foot in my mouth but this is probably the cutest Father’s Day card ever!

On Saturday, we didn’t do any “official” Father’s Day activities but we did go on our usual daddy-daughter walk around the neighborhood. Then, in the evening, the three of us attended a block party cookout. By the time we were all in for the night, we were eagerly anticipating the next day (by “we” I mean me haha).

A few minutes before we went out on our walk, Sloan took about 12 seconds to sit still.

When I woke up on Sunday morning, Sid had placed a new message on our mini marquee. I went up and grabbed Sloan from her crib and she babbled the whole way down the stairs. I listened really hard and thought she might be saying “Happy Father’s Day!”

Sid put a “Happy Father’s Day” message on our marquee.

After church, it was time for presents. Sid had everything laid out on the kitchen table, including Munchkins from Dunkin Donuts (what a nice surprise). With both my girls watching, I opened my gifts. Of course the best part was reading the heartfelt cards both Sid and Sloan gave me —making this sensitive daddy’s eyes water just a bit.

Sloan and I celebrating Father’s Day.

Later we went outside to enjoy the sun. Sid washed the car and I played with Sloan as she splashed around in her little wading pool. She dried off by taking her little pink car for a spin. But after cruising it around the cul-de-sac she started to fall asleep behind the wheel. We laid her down for a nap and relaxed ourselves.

Sloan wading in the pool (left) and then taking a snooze (right).

During the evening, we went to Sidney’s parents’ house for a Father’s Day celebration in honor of all the dads in the family. We ate a delicious meal of ribs, salad, potatoes, and rolls. We concluded the gathering by eating cupcakes and opening gifts.

The cards I received from Sloan, Sid, my sister, and my parents.

Back at home, I thanked my girls for a wonderful Father’s Day weekend. My wife and daughter treat me so well and I am lucky to have them. I can’t wait until next year’s Father’s Day. Don’t Blink.

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