10 Tips To Enjoy Your Honeymoon

Last Thursday, with our anniversary approaching, I mentioned how I was constantly reminded with old posts on Facebook and Timehop about the perfect wedding week we had. Well, this week I am receiving honeymoon posts.

Oh my gosh, I want to go back!

Sidney and I had a wonderful time in Cancun. Our honeymoon was very special and we talk about it often. I thought it might be helpful if I offered my two cents to newlyweds on how to get the most out of a honeymoon experience. I will aim to do this by giving 10 brief tips on how to maximize your once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Sidney and I had an incredible honeymoon at the Sun Palace in Cancun. Tonight I offer my 10 best tips for enjoying your honeymoon.

Take a day to recuperate before flying out – Many couples will hop on a plane the day after their wedding. Sidney and I reserved the Sunday after our Saturday ceremony to just stay in town. This allowed us to pack, say goodbye to visiting family, and decompress just a bit. If you can budget two full days of rest I think that is even better! Some couples will wait six months or a year before departing on their honeymoon but I think it is nice to go with that “wedding glow” still radiant.

Scout out your destination – Chances are you did a lot of research before booking your honeymoon. However, you most likely did that research a year ago. When our honeymoon was about a month away, I started checking Trip Advisor and social media on a daily basis to find out the latest about our resort. I did this so that I would be completely updated on the activities, opportunities, and issues occurring at the Sun Palace. When we checked in that first day, I felt connected and knowledgeable about my surroundings.

Bring sunscreen and other personal items with you – The week before our wedding, we went to Target and purchased sunscreen, lotion, and other products. If you are going to a tropical destination, you will definitely want to do this. If you forget, not only will you be purchasing unfamiliar products, you will be paying extremely inflated prices for something that would only cost you $5 at home.

Pinch yourself – When you arrive at your honeymoon location, hold your spouse’s hand and take it all in for a moment. Breathe the air, admire the blue waters, and run your toes through the white sand. Just take a second to recognize that you are in a beautiful part of the world with your best friend. Pinch yourself and acknowledge that several sunny days in a tropical paradise await you….then go have fun.

Make defining moments – Sidney and I wanted to relax more than anything on our honeymoon. However, that didn’t mean we wanted to be beach bums the entire duration of our trip. We made sure to leave the resort a few times and create some memories. We swam with dolphins, had a blast at a club, and explored downtown Cancun.

Be Romantic – This is your honeymoon for Pete’s sake! Tell your spouse how much you love her and treat her like a princess. Coordinate with the resort to see if there is anything special that can be done. Where we stayed, the staff would sprinkle rose petals on our bed when we returned at night. Champagne would also be waiting. They also set up a candle-lit ocean dinner for the two of us to enjoy. However, in the end, it falls on our shoulders to do all we can to make the trip romantic.

Document it (professionally) – If you are out of the country, using your phone to take photos and video can be problematic. Additionally, who wants to be on their phone during their honeymoon? To make sure we would always remember the beautiful area we stayed at, Sidney and I took advantage of a professional photoshoot service. It was worth every cent. Not only did we have one of the most talented photographers ever, but she made the experience fun and worked extremely hard. The next morning we were able to pick up our photos and they looked incredible. To this day we treasure them.

Branch out just a bit – Your honeymoon is about you and your spouse. Make sure to spend 90% of the time with just her. However, chances are you will be staying at a place with other honeymooners as well. Those people are just as excited and passionate to be there as you are. Because of this common ground, it is very easy to talk to them. Sid and I made several new friends from not just the United States but other places around the world on our honeymoon. You don’t have to do it a lot, but it is rewarding to share your happiness with others.

Identify fine line between indulging and moderation – If you stay at an all-inclusive property, you will have delicious food and refreshing drinks offered to you at every moment. You paid good money for that so spoil yourself and forget about your diet. However, try not to go absolutely nuts because a stomachache later in the night or a hangover the next day is not ideal.

Prepare yourself to leave – It is depressing when your honeymoon ends. However, just focus on what a great time you had and the memories you made. Also, perk yourself up by reminding yourself that the sooner you get home, the sooner you really get to begin the exciting endeavor of married life.


I can’t stress enough how special a honeymoon is. Use the tips above, but if nothing else, just enjoy yourself and treat your spouse well. Don’t Blink.

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