Coke Energy Thursday Rundown

Summer starts this weekend and we finally have the weather here in Spokane to back it up! Saturday and Sunday both call for highs in the 80s as we celebrate Father’s Day. Here we go with the latest Thursday Rundown…

A Little Girl’s Best Friend – Sloan has already grown close to her Spokane cousins and she has enjoyed going on play dates with some neighbor girls, but there is another close bond she has developed. Sloan made quick friends with Muffin, my parents’ cat. The admiration is mutual between the two, which is a tad surprising, because Muffin can be hard to get along with sometimes. Nonetheless, the two love each other so much that Sloan now says her favorite animal is a cat.

These two have developed a special bond.

Audio Tweets – Twitter recently started rolling out audio tweets and this morning I discovered that it is available to me. Of course, I had to give it a try. The feature allows you to attach a voice memo to any tweet that you publish. Kind of underwhelming, right? I figure that if I want my followers to hear my voice, I will just post a video or livestream. I think my social media colleague Matt Haugen described the shortcomings of Twitter’s newest rollout best by questioning why an audio tweet feature was introduced before a tweet editing option.

I tried out Twitter’s audio tweets this morning.

Sweet Honeymoon Flashback – Last week, I was reminiscing about our wedding so that means this week I get to reminisce about our honeymoon. Four years ago on this date we were wrapping up our romantic and relaxing stay in Cancun. Sidney and I reflect on it a lot. I feel bad that so many couples who had planned similar trips for this summer will have to put their tropical getaways on hold. But, for those who are still able to make their dream honeymoons work over the next couple months, here is a blog post I wrote about making the most out of it (make sure to get photos taken!).

Our honeymoon was awesome and I feel bad that others won’t get a similar experience this summer.

My Latest Energy Drink Review – Coca-Cola has made a big deal about its energy drinks so I was happy to finally try one today. I tested out the Coca-Cola Energy Cherry option. It had the Cherry Coke taste but it was much milder than that of the actual soda––but definitely enjoyable. It also delivered on its intended purpose––to energize! The drink gave me the perfect jolt I needed for a Thursday morning. So, what else can I say? Coca-Cola Energy Cherry tastes good and it works! I recommend it if you crave an energy drink every now and then.

If you like Coke and you like energy drinks, I recommend Coca-Cola ENERGY.

Anniversary Weekend – Sidney and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary by enjoying some time at Northern Quest Resort and Casino. Assured by the facility’s social distancing measures, we had a fabulous time highlighted by good food, beautiful accommodations, and loose slot machines. When we checked out on Saturday morning, Sidney walked away $50 richer.

We had a great time celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary at Northern Quest.


Wow, you managed to read all five topics tonight?! Thanks! Make sure to wish your dad a happy Father’s Day this weekend and enjoy the start of your summer. Don’t Blink.

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