Summer Lunch Dates With Sid and Sloan

I am one of those people who usually doesn’t leave the office at lunch. I prefer to catch up on work and maybe catch up on sports news. But during the summer, this predictable routine changes a bit.

When June and July come around, I look forward to my wife and daughter stopping by to eat lunch with me. A tradition with Sid for four years now (and two years for Sloan), we try to do lunch dates once a week.

It all starts with the girls showing up at my office. After Sloan sits on my lap for a couple minutes, we head off to accomplish the main purpose of the visit—to eat!

The lunch date starts off with Sloan visiting me in the office. Today was the first time her Unicorn saw where I work.

We go to Chauncey’s Choice, the dining hall right next to my office building. During the summer, CCU’s famous fried chicken is served on Wednesdays, the day which our lunch dates usually occur.

Sloan was scoping out the Chauncey’s Choice scene this afternoon.

This year is a little different with Sloan. She doesn’t want to be confined to her stroller for the entire meal. This usually necessitates that we take turns between holding her and eating our lunch (even the most skilled parent will face a challenge when eating a piece of fried chicken and trying to contain an infant).

During today’s lunch, we took turns holding Sloan. This was a point in time when Sid was on duty.

We make sure to enjoy the atmosphere as student-athletes and faculty/staff fill up the cafeteria. It is fun to visit with colleagues and let them meet Sloan.

Sloan and I with our Chauncey’s Choice selfie.

When we finish eating, if there is time, I like to bring Sloan by other offices to meet co-workers. It is always a nice way to end the eventful lunch hour.

By the time our lunch date is over, this little girl is exhausted. Crashing on our living room couch is a great way to recuperate from a busy afternoon on campus.

It is not like our home is right next to campus, so I always appreciate Sid and Sloan taking the time to come see me. Today was awesome and I hope we get the chance to enjoy lunch together on several more occasions this summer. Don’t Blink.

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