Storms Are Better With Family

I think we all might have a childhood middle of the night storm memory. We went to bed only to awake in the wee hours of the morning to the sounds of hard rain and pounding thunder combined with the spectacle of brilliant white light generated by lightning bolts.

For many of us, the experience delivered a plethora of emotions including excitement, wonderment, and perhaps a little fear. It was a special and random occasion, one that the whole family shared together during an hour when usually everyone was asleep.

Watching a lightning storm in the middle of the night was always special as a child.

Last night we had a storm in Spokane that reminded me of the ones from my childhood. The sky was in a constant state of illumination and the rain poured heavy for several hours. Our master bedroom is on the top floor and a large sliding door that leads out to our personal deck is by our bed. I prefer to keep the curtains open at night to admire the Spokane Valley skyline. As you can imagine, it provided an incredible view of the storm.

But something was missing. I had no one to share it with. Monday evening was the last night without Sid and the kids. Since I had no one to watch Mother Nature’s theatrics with, I eventually got up and closed the curtain.

I picked up these two (and Sid) at the airport today.

If another wicked storm decides to roll in tonight (which I know it won’t), I will be watching the entire show. My family arrived in town at lunchtime today and I feel complete once again. Life’s little pleasures just mean more when you can enjoy them with those you love. Don’t Blink.

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