Summer 2021 is Here

Summer technically doesn’t begin until next Sunday but that is just a formality. In my opinion, summer is already here. School is out, pools are open, and the vibe is evident. To put it simply, it feels like summer.

I came to this realization yesterday. I was over at my parents’ and we went on the back porch to have a beer. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and the air smelled like chlorine from the two pools in neighboring yards. By the time we grilled some steaks and ate those outside too I definitely knew it wasn’t spring anymore.

It dawned on me yesterday while I was drinking this (don’t judge) that summer is here.

So, as I tend to say when a new season is upon us, enjoy it. Savor the long days, soak in the sunshine, and get outdoors. If you have children, make these next few months special for them. It is my belief that summer should be a more relaxed, carefree time. Come on, grab an icy cold citrus beer and enjoy yourself.

Also, do I need to remind you? This isn’t the summer of 2020, folks. The COVID tide has changed and we will be able to do things this year. Don’t take it for granted. Seize the opportunities to watch a minor league baseball game, splash at the water park, and attend that fireworks show. While you enjoy those things, remember to be thankful.

Our family has a big summer lined up and we hope you do too. Remember to have lots of fun! Don’t Blink.

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