Checking In From Detroit

Good afternoon, everyone. I am writing this blog post from the Detroit Airport as I have some time to kill and felt like I would check in with my readers.

My view from my seat at the Detroit Airport.

I am in the middle of my return travel from Myrtle Beach. After I leave Detroit I will be en route to Minneapolis and then finally home to Spokane. I am projected to arrive a little past 11 p.m. PT. It definitely feels a little lonely as I am traveling without my wife and kids. When we purchased airline tickets we opted for a later return date for Sid, Sloan, and Beau so they could spend more time with their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. As for me, there is work to be done and more vacation time later in the summer to enjoy so it was necessary to get back to Spokane. I would be lying if I said I didn’t already miss them.

If you noticed, I took an entire week off from blogging. Hope my readers don’t take offense but it was really nice! After 10 years, it felt good to take a break. For the most part, I stayed disconnected from work as well. Thus, it was eight days of strictly family time and relaxation.

Tomorrow I hope to touch on those carefree days but for the time being I wanted to just say “hi.” Well, excuse me as I savor these last couple minutes in Detroit, the excitement is mind boggling. Don’t Blink.

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