Damon Thursday Rundown

Greetings my friends! Not much small talk this evening, just five topics coming your way…

Golf With Dad – Since my family was still in Myrtle Beach last weekend, I did something that I normally don’t have time to do: I golfed. My dad and I went on a father-son outing and played 18 holes. We golfed at Esmeralda, my first time ever playing the course. We were paired with two other young men and we had a great afternoon. My game needs a lot of work but it was so nice to hit the links on such a beautiful day.

My dad and I golfed 18 holes at Esmeralda in Spokane.

Honeymoon – When these mid-June dates come around, I always get giddy looking at my Timehop as it takes me back to our honeymoon. Five years later I can still mentally put myself back into our Cancun resort and remember the sights, smells, and feel of the air. All of these sensory memories are so pleasant because there was so much joy those five days in Mexico. I wrote about our honeymoon and discussed some of the tangible things that made the trip the best ever (hint: going with the best person ever sure helped).

I wrote in depth about our honeymoon.

The Departed – The best movie I saw this past week was 2006 Academy Award winning best picture “The Departed.” I had never watched it from start to finish and I am glad I finally did. Jack Nicholson is perfect as a gangster and one of my personal favorite actors, Leonardo DiCaprio, did not disappoint. I also didn’t realize key roles that Mark Wahlberg and Alec Baldwin played in the movie. The last 20 minutes of the film is a real trip and just the general premise of the cops and gangsters both trying to figure out who infiltrated their organizations is highly entertaining. Definitely recommend.

“The Departed” will keep you intrigued!

Spokane Tribe Casino – On Saturday night, I went with my parents to the Spokane Tribe Casino for dinner. The gaming center/resort opened just a few years ago to compete with Northern Quest Casino and this past weekend was my first time visiting the premises. It is a spotless facility with a nice restaurant area. The menu has several enticing options as I went with the spaghetti Bolognese. But what makes the Spokane Tribe Casino stand out is its beer special. All pints are just $2. It doesn’t matter if you get a Bud Light, a Blue Moon, or an IPA, it will only set you back $2. In an era where 16 oz. of beer usually costs $5, the low cost of $2 for a large selection of brews is much appreciated.

It is $2 for all draft beer at Spokane Tribe Casino.

An Incredible Force – This meme is right on, man. I have spent some frustrating moments in my life trying to separate buckets like these. If teams stuck together like 5-gallon buckets do, I don’t think there is any doubt that they would win championships. Thanks for the meme, Lindsi.

Have you ever tried to pull apart 5-gallon buckets? Hard!


Thanks for taking time to read my post. Remember that the longest day of the year is on Sunday so make sure to get out and enjoy it. Don’t Blink.

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