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Over the past month or so, I have picked up another digital hobby, and/or, perhaps, a form of public service. I am now making it a point to write Google reviews.

I am now sharing my experiences from restaurants, hotels, and shops with the internet. Since May I have written 10 different reviews. Prior to that, I had written two Google reviews in my lifetime. Every couple weeks or so I would get a notice from Google stating that those reviews had earned thousands and thousands of views but didn’t think much of it. But with my own reliance on reading Google reviews and the pleas I see from many businesses asking for people to submit Google reviews, I decided I would start contributing.

In a way, I was already writing reviews. Over the past 10 years for my blog I have written tirelessly about restaurants, attractions, services, and hotels. Why not optimize my work past Don’t Blink? I am already putting in the labor, why not let a larger audience benefit from it?

So I am now an official Google reviewer. I am pretty easy to please as I tend to distribute stars on a pretty liberal basis. Details, names, and photos are all things I aim to provide when writing my reviews. It does give me a bit of satisfaction when a representative from the business I reviewed replies back or when I get a notification that lots of people are benefitting from what I shared.

I envision myself continuing to write Google reviews at least through the summer. We have a very busy few months and I want to reflect in an honest way on the businesses we patronize. If anyone out there is an avid Google reviewer, please let me know. I have some questions for you. Don’t Blink.

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