Twinning Thursday Rundown

In a week it will be Thanksgiving! As someone who enjoys the holiday and the personal traditions that go with it, I am excited. But we still have seven days to go before I get my hands on any turkey so let’s begin this Thursday Rundown…

Will You Be My Twin? – When I picked up Sloan from daycare yesterday, she had a gift bag in her cubby. The teacher told me who it was from and when we arrived home I let Sloan open it. Inside was a pair of Christmas pajamas and a note. The note was from Jacqueline (well, Jacqueline’s mom) and it asked if my daughter wanted to “match” with her at the Oxford Children’s Academy holiday program next month. The duo wore the same pajamas last year and will be doing the same in a few weeks. What a cute and sweet thing for Jacqueline and Susannah to do!

Sloan will once again be twinning with her best friend, Jacqueline, for her daycare’s holiday program.

Mystery Oreos – I spotted these at Walmart this past weekend but was on a mission and didn’t pick up a package. I plan for that to change in the near future. As a sucker for these mystery flavor promotions, I can’t wait to put my taste buds to the test with Oreos. My only regret is that I most likely won’t be trying them with my mystery flavor partner-in-crime, Geoff, who is going out of town next week (I will save him a few).

It won’t be long before I try these out.

Another (but specific) Honor for #CCUSocialMedia – A trophy from the W3 Awards was recently delivered to my office. Our social media program was recognized for our stab at influencer marketing. Last Spring we debuted Social@Coastal: Influencers, a video series that profiles Coastal Carolina students who are savvy digital masterminds with large social media presences. Our goal was to start a relationship with these influencers in hopes that later down the road they might feel inclined to help us out with a large scale influencer marketing campaign. The W3 Awards, a body that judges marketing work from all industries, liked our strategic approach as we won the silver award in the Influencer Marketing category.

This was delivered to my office recently.

This Is Us, Season 4 (Fall) Review – It just keeps getting better. In my opinion, the episodes that made up the first half of the fourth season of “This Is Us” were the most suspenseful and well-done yet. It was Tuesday after Tuesday of mesmerizing and thought-provoking endings. There was the brutally awkward episode that centered on a couple of cringe-worthy dinners but other than that I thought the season was pretty solid. Last night’s Thanksgiving show delivered once again (I really enjoyed the three previous Thanksgiving episodes) and I am already looing forward to new episodes in 2020.

Thank You, South Carolina – Earlier this week, I opened up the daily email I receive from the USPS that shows me a screenshot of every piece of mail I will receive that evening. When I glanced at what was coming, I noticed an envelope from the South Carolina Department of Revenue. Oh no, why are they sending me something? To say I wasn’t a little nervous about the contents of the letter would be a lie. Luckily, I was put out of my misery before I even arrived home. My mother-in-law sent an image to the family text thread that showed a $50 check she received from the agency. My sister-in-law immediately chimed in saying she received one as well. Relieved, I opened up the letter the minute I arrived home and read the explanation that accompanied the check. The state of South Carolina decided to distribute the tax funds generated by the 2018 Mega Millions winner to taxpayers! Because Sid and I file jointly we only got one check but I am not complaining! Perhaps we will be going out to eat courtesy of the state of South Carolina tomorrow…

At first I didn’t know what to think about receiving a check from the South Carolina Department of Revenue.


To those who are working their last day tomorrow until Dec. 2, I envy you. Thanks again for your readership and I hope you have a fabulous weekend. I will catch up with everyone next week. Don’t Blink.

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