Sophisticated Thursday Rundown

As I mentioned last week, September was tough in our area. Although many Carolinians continue to face hardships, I know a lot of people are happy that we have turned the page on a new month. Personally, I love October! Here we go with the Thursday Rundown…

National Taco Day – Next up in the line of ridiculous “National Day of _______” celebrations? Tacos! To be honest, I prefer a burrito, enchilada, tamale, chimichanga, or basically any other Mexican food item over a taco. Although I love Taco Bell, I don’t order the fast food joint’s signature item when I go there. So you will never see me write a blog post about my top 10 favorite tacos. With that said, if you wanted me to identify my only favorite type of taco, that is easy – the homemade ones we make at home! We have taco night about once a month at our house and I am more than happy to scarf those down. Happy National Taco Day!

Sidney eating a taco.

Massive Flooding – Our neighborhood was spared of major flooding. However, that wasn’t the case three years ago. On October 4, 2015, Sidney and I waded through the knee-deep flooded streets of Bellegrove. At the time, I had no idea that water levels could get that high on regular neighborhood streets. Thankfully the house never flooded and we didn’t get sick exploring the dirty water. Here is a YouTube video I made of the spectacle.

The flooding that the Bellegrove neighborhood received was insane.

Informed Delivery – I recently signed up for a great feature that the U.S. Postal Service started offering this year. Called Informed Delivery, each morning I receive an email from USPS showing me the letters (and bills) that will (or should) be in my mailbox when I get home in the evening. Every piece of mail is photo scanned and inserted into the email, giving me a complete visual on what I can expect. Although it does take away the element of surprise when I open my mailbox, the security it gives is worth it. If a piece of mail that I viewed in my Informed Delivery email isn’t in my box, I know I have been a victim of theft. I can then receive assistance immediately. The service is FREE so make sure to sign up!

Informed Delivery is a really convenient and free service.

Sophisticated Sloan – Thought I would slip in the below photo of Sloan. The latest funny thing about our daughter is that she has proven to be quite sophisticated. She likes to carry around her purse and keys. You see, she was so obsessed with our own keys that we gave her a ring of keys that we don’t use anymore. She will strut around the house with her accessories and encourage us to follow her by saying “Come on.”

Sloan with her purse and keys.

M&M Television – Sid and I are currently watching two new television shows with one-word titles both starting with the letter “M.” The first one is “Manifest,” the highly promoted series about a commercial plane that disappeared only to land five and a half years later. When the aircraft touched down and the passengers got off, no one had aged a day. The people on the plane felt as if it was just a normal flight and no time (except for the intended flight duration) had passed. How is that for a plot?! So far, just two episodes in, the intriguing premise is backed up with intriguing episodes. Watching the passengers re-adjust to everyday life is fascinating as they face both major and minor issues resulting from the time lapse. The series is only going to get better as questions start to be answered.

We are also two episodes through a series called “Maniac.” A Netflix exclusive starring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill, this one is probably more difficult to figure out than “Manifest.” All I know right now is that both actors are participants in a health study. I wish I could give you more info but I can’t. Reality is blurred and I am pretty confused…giving me even more of an incentive to watch!

“Manifest” and “Maniac” are both creative, interesting shows.


Tonight, let’s pray for those battling terminal illnesses. May God provide these individuals with comfort and their families with acceptance. Don’t Blink.

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