Losing My Wedding Ring

The panic of losing something sucks. Unfortunately for me, I have had this feeling a couple times recently.

My birthday started off rocky. After finishing my workout at Legacy Fitness, I hopped in the car to return home to shower and start the day. As per usual, I opened the drawstring backpack I take with me to store my valuables. I throw my wallet, keys, phone, and wedding ring in it while I exercise. Can you guess which one I couldn’t find last Tuesday?

First off, so everyone knows, I only take my wedding ring off for two reasons: to exercise and shower. I dislike the feeling of weights tugging at the ring and when I bathe I fear it sliding off down the drain. For 3.5 years, I have never had an issue with slipping it off during these times as it was always waiting for me right where I left it. But I was about to get my first scare…

When I arrive at the gym, I place my valuables in my backpack and place it in a secure spot. After I do my weightlifting and cardio, I then go get my bag and bring it into the hardwood class area to do calisthenics (I like to check my phone at this time). I then leave the gym and get in my car. It is at this time that I slip my ring back on. On Tuesday morning, I went through the same routine as always. With my endorphins stimulated and a birthday on its way, I was in a good mood. That all changed when I reached into my bag.

I always bring in my drawstring backpack (with my wedding ring) into the classroom area of the gym.

When I dug to the bottom of my bag to pick up the familiar piece of metal, I only felt fabric. The absence of an object immediately made my stomach turn. But I didn’t start to freak out just yet. I thought maybe the ring got tangled in the sweat towels I bring with me that I stuff in my bag when I walk out. It wasn’t there. I turned over the bag on the passenger seat and let my wallet, phone, keys, and a couple pens fall out. No ring. Now I was starting to get a little frantic. I checked on the floorboard and outside the car to no avail.

It looks weird walking back into the gym after you just left it, but pride wasn’t an issue in this situation. I busted through the doors and started scouring the floors for my ring. The owner, Nancy, one of the nicest people you will ever know, helped me with my search. We traced the path from the cubbies to the classroom and from the classroom to the gym’s exit. She had me unfurl the mats to see if perhaps it got lodged in one. I was still drawing up empty. I ran back outside to look on the curb and back in my car. I then went back inside the gym and paced around again.

Time was my enemy. It was approaching 6 a.m. and I needed to get home so Sid could leave for work and I could take Sloan to daycare. Nancy said it was the day that the gym would get a deep cleaning and that she would be looking for it while the service was being performed. She told me that it would turn up and that she would call me when it did.

Completely dejected, I got in my car and pulled out of my parking spot. When I did, I saw a small silver object shining in the darkness in the space where my car had occupied. I slammed the car in park and hopped out to investigate. Total fake out…there actually wasn’t anything there, just my brain playing tricks on me.

It was a tough 15 minute drive home. In between prayers to God and St. Anthony, I thought about how embarrassing and unnatural it was going to be walking around with no wedding ring and how disappointed Sidney was going to be. A replacement just wouldn’t be the same. That ring was placed on my finger by Sid and blessed with holy water on our wedding day.

I parked in the driveway and decided to do one more scan of my car before going inside feeling like a complete loser. I was about to get a huge birthday present. I looked at my seat belt console and noticed something shiny on the floorboard. Not wanting to get my hopes up, I remained cautiously optimistic as I moved the seat all the way back to reveal my wedding ring right next to the seat belt.

Slipping it on my finger, a tear of joy might have glided down my cheek as I thanked God and St. Anthony. To be honest, it was a semi-traumatic experience that had me feeling awful. I remember when Sidney lost her ring for several minutes a few years back and I remember the look of desperation on her face. That was me last week.

It was lost but now it is found.

But all is good now and I have my bling on my finger. I am thankful to Nancy for doing all she could to help me find it and for keeping me positive, even if the ring was never lost in the facility. Although I don’t know exactly how it happened, the ring must have slipped out of my bag when I started to remove items after my exercise session. I am so happy I found it and I am committed to doing whatever possible to end my recent streak of losing things (boy, I got the craziest story to tell about losing my keys…but that is for another day). Don’t Blink.

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