Celebrated by Family and Friends

We are all familiar with the generic Facebook status that goes “Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! It was a great day and I felt so special.” Although I am notorious for encouraging people not to go this route and instead do something more personal (at least on a social media front), I am going to neglect my own advice for the purpose of this blog post.

So, let me start off by thanking everyone for the birthday wishes and stating that I felt really special yesterday. Ha!

But I did want to provide a few specific examples of people really going out of their way for me. You see, I am not usually a birthday guy but some of yesterday’s acts gave me a much needed birthday boost.

Gummy Bears and Dr. Pepper – My co-worker Geoff brought me a Dr. Pepper and a pack of gummy bears. He literally Googled Brent Reser Favorite Soda because he knew I most likely wrote about the topic before. Sure enough it took him to my post detailing my top five favorite sodas, letting him know exactly what to get me. For him to do the research and then brighten my day first thing in the morning was pretty cool. 

Dr. Pepper and gummy bears…a winning combination!

Office Decoration – My boss, Lindsi, surprised me in my office (we work in different buildings) with decorations, cupcakes, and a singing telegram. After happy birthday was performed, she started decorating my office in emoji-themed décor. I totally didn’t expect it and I actually didn’t mind sticking out like a sore thumb the rest of the day when people walked by. Lindsi went the whole nine yards and it was the first time my office had ever been decorated.

Lindsi decorated my office in an emoji-theme.

Spoiled By My Girls – When Sloan and I arrived home last night, Sidney already had a birthday celebration laid out. The marquee had a message on it, gift bags were set, and a card was placed. I sat on the couch and opened my presents as Sloan assisted and Sid watched. After that, we went out to dinner and then returned home for cake and ice cream. By far the highlight of my day, spending the evening with my girls was the best way to mark my birthday.

My girls spoiled me so much last night that Sloan even helped me blow out the candles.

Facetime Birthday Love – From about 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. last night, I gladly entertained Facetime calls from my sister, brother, and parents. I even talked on the phone to my brother’s fiancée who was in Portland for work. During each call the person I was chatting with sang happy birthday and quizzed me about my day. I then opened the gifts they sent me through the mail in front of them. Sloan and Sid participated in these Facetime calls as well and it was just so nice to catch up with my West Coast family.

Not Done Yet – On Sunday, Sidney’s family will celebrate October birthdays. That means my sister-in-law (Steph) and myself will take center stage for an afternoon of delicious food and NFL football. I am already looking forward to it.


I was once again reminded yesterday how lucky I am. Thanks to everyone who reached out, it really meant a lot. Don’t Blink.

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