33 Thursday Rundown

It is my first Thursday Rundown as a 33-year-old so I don’t know if that means it will be better or worse (probably worse) but let’s see, shall we? Here we go with five topics…

Subway Mania – Know how you can tell someone likes Subway? When they get three different Subway gift cards for their birthday. My brother and sister each gave me a gift card to the sandwich shop and Sidney included one in the gift she gave me as well. I got some Cold Cut Combos and Spicy Italians in my future!

I have some sandwiches (and burritos) on the house in my future.

Pregnancy Craving – My wife has identified her first big craving of her second pregnancy…pineapple chunks! She discovered it a couple weeks ago and we are now ordering several cans when we order groceries. Perhaps with her new love of pineapple, perhaps I can convince her that it is good on pizza!

Sidney’s pregnancy craving is pineapple and we are ordering plenty of cans from Walmart.

Funny Card – Yesterday, I mentioned that my boss decorated my office for my birthday. Well, she also left me a card that I didn’t discover until the next day. For all those texters out there, I am sure you can relate. I thought it was pretty good…

Lindsi gave me this card.

Pumpkin Patch Excursion – Speaking of my boss, this past weekend we went to her church’s pumpkin patch fundraiser. Lindsi was running the Conway Centenary United Methodist Church operation when we stopped by late Saturday morning. Sloan enjoyed looking at the pumpkins as well as their more exotic cousins, but she especially liked riding on the Spiderman motorcycle that belongs to Leo, Lindsi’s son.

Sloan had a fun time at the pumpkin patch.

Old Meme – Ending tonight’s blog post with a humble brag. Did you love the World’s Most Interesting Man as much as I did? When looking at Timehop today, this meme from three years ago popped up. It was a birthday post that someone published to my wall. Unfortunately, I have no idea who did it…I saw it only because I tweeted it out on October 10, 2016 and my caption was a generic “Someone posted this to my wall.” Someone! Why didn’t I say who it was?!

I don’t know who made this but it is pretty funny.


That was a pretty short rundown for a 33-year-old. Am I losing my blogging touch with age? We shall see. Have a great weekend, everyone. Don’t Blink.

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