Secretive Thursday Rundown

Good evening to one and all. It is another busy Thursday night so don’t mind me rushing into this latest rundown…

Couple Secrets – We have something to announce about our born child and something to announce about our unborn child. However, I can only give the subjects and not the specifics. When it comes to Sloan, she has picked out a Halloween costume! Will it rival the flamingo and unicorn from years past? Wait and see! As for the baby that Sidney is carrying, we found out the sex on Monday! You will have to wait a little longer to find out that mystery. Sorry for being such a tease.

Will this year’s Halloween costume compare to the past two years?

Papa in Town – Yesterday evening, I picked up Sloan from day care and we drove home. When we got near the house, I told Sloan I saw someone standing in the driveway. She stretched her neck and let out multiple shrieks. It was Papa!! My dad is in town for his annual October visit (see 2018 and 2017). We got a lot planned and his extended weekend started out right last night as we ate at the Grumpy Monk and watched last night’s “This Is Us” episode.

My dad is in town for his annual October visit.

Now That’s Funny – My wife and I were howling over this graphic. Yesterday was National Boss Day and this rang too true for us––not the actual gift part but the insinuation that Sloan is the real boss in our house.

Now this made me laugh!

Family Fun Festival – Over the weekend, we took Sloan to a fall festival sponsored by our local libraries and Parks and Rec division. She played games, painted pumpkins, and fed farm animals. She also got her face painted. She could have chosen a princess, Disney characters, furry animals, and many other “cute” options but she decided that she wanted a dinosaur on her cheek. What was even more surprising was that she actually stayed still and allowed the lady to paint on her…six months ago that would not have happened.

Sloan at the Carolina Family Fun Festival. She was rocking her dinosaur face painting!

Pumpkin Streak – Three years ago on this date, I wrote about how I snapped a 15-year streak of NOT carving a pumpkin. By the end of this month, I will extend my pumpkin-carving streak to four years. Why did I go so long without making a jack-o-lantern? You will have to read the old blog post to find out. But to be honest, I could care less if you do, I just wanted to share this collage of me carving pumpkins at various awkward situations of my youth.

All of these photos were taken at least 18 years ago.


That’s all I got for you. We got a fun weekend coming up consisting of a football trip. Be safe everyone. Don’t Blink.

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