Overlooking Lefties

As I was stumbling through Facebook last night, I clicked on a Buzzfeed link. It took me to a page that laid out all the hardships left-handed people face. Because yesterday was International Lefthanders Day, it was surely getting a lot of traffic.

No, I am not left handed. But I now sympathize with those who are.

Up until the point last night when I was scrolling through the list, I had not given much thought to the challenges that left-handed people face in a right-handed world. But as I continued to read inconvenience after inconvenience, I thought to myself, wow, lefthanders really are confronted with minor obstacles in everyday life.

I hate that it took me over 30 years to figure this out. I just thought that left-handed folks sometimes got screwed when they sat down at old school desks. Even with that, I didn’t have much sympathy because lefties always had an advantage on the baseball field. Chalk it up to ignorance. I grew up in a right-handed family (with the exception of my brother who bats/golfs left) and married a right-handed wife. We have had it easy.

After my light reading last night, I have a better understanding of how it goes on and on for lefthanders: Zippers. Spiral notebooks. Crosswords. Scissors. Built-in pens at banks.

But what really made me realize the unjustice lefties face? Credit/debit card swipers. I tried to imagine making a transaction with my left hand at the grocery store and I just couldn’t deal.

Imagine using this with your left hand.

The jury is still out on what hand Sloan will favor. As parents we all hope that our kids will be prodigies and be ambidextrous. However, betting against the fact that Sloan will be part of the 1% of the population that can use both hands equally well, I hope she turns out to be a rightie.

To all my left-handed friends: I feel for you and I apologize for not being more understanding of your situation. Don’t Blink.

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