Remembering That Special Moment

If you have a Facebook account, there is no doubt you have seen the creative and crazy methods that couples will use to announce that they are expecting a baby. I like to think we used more creativity than craziness when we announced that we were expecting Sloan.

But before a couple can make the big public announcement, there is the task of delivering the news to your loved ones. It was an emotional Skype call when we let my parents in on the big news.

I created a video of the reaction of my parents after Sidney and I told them we are expecting.

However, even before you let your parents and siblings know, there is an even greater disclosure that must be made.

Spouse to spouse.

I have never revealed how Sidney delivered me the beautiful news. But because I was recently reminded of it via Timehop, I thought it would make for a good, brief blog post.

As a child, I loved Curious George books. In fact, they were some of the first books I was ever able to read myself. My admiration for this troublesome but good-intentioned monkey has always stayed with me. Sidney used to work at a baby store filled with furniture, accessories, toys, and stuffed animals. One day when I was paying her a visit at work, she noticed that I was looking at a stuffed Curious George. I told her my connection to the popular children’s book character.

A week or so later, Sid was over at my apartment. I went to use the bathroom. When I walked out, the stuffed Curious George was sitting on my little dining room table. It was a thoughtful and silly surprise that immediately put a huge grin on my face.

Some photos of us with George. The one on the left is of me with George inside the store prior to Sidney “adopting” him.

From that point on, we kind of designated George as the “mascot” of our relationship. He would travel with us, sit with us, and appear in photos with us. Ya, it was a little bit creepy.

During a late July morning at work in 2016, my iPhone indicated I had a message from Sid. I swiped and this is what was waiting for me…

Sidney told me the good news with this photo.

I was in shock. I immediately called Sid and asked her if she went out and bought a dog. She told me no.

“Is it true?…” I remember saying, using every ounce of energy to get out the words.

Sidney confirmed that it was. I remember the rest of that day being a blur. I was so surprised! But the feeling of surprise was trumped by the feeling of happiness that God had blessed us with Sid’s pregnancy so soon after we had tied the knot.

It was a selfless act of George to deliver the news. From that moment on, he would never hold the prominence he once did in our relationship. For him to be a good sport about it says a lot about his character, even if he is just an inanimate object full of stuffing.

I will never forget that day. The feeling I had when I opened up that text message will always be with me. Well played, Sid. Don’t Blink.

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