June Thursday Rundown

June is here! I am extrememely exicted for this month, but more on that later. Let’s get this Thursday Rundown rolling…

Cool Book For Sloan – A few weeks back I mentioned that I needed more books that I could read to Sloan. Well, one came in the mail yesterday. My mom sent us a book titled Night-Night Washington. Throughout the pages, the author takes the reader (and listener) to different places in my home state as activity settles down for the evening. For example, there is a point in the book where the ducks in Riverfront Park relax for the night. Sidney and I have both already read Night-Night Washington aloud and we are excited for the opportunity to educate Sloan on her “home away from home.”

In the mail this week we received this childrens book titled “Night Night Washington.” Thanks, mom!

Movies This Week– I watched a classic and a new release over this past week. I took two nights to sit down and watch “Schindler’s List.” What a well-done film. I only really know Liam Neeson from the “Taken” franchise and a couple other action films so to see him in such a dramatically different role was interesting, but he owned it. Extremely graphic and very hard to watch at times, I still think it should be required that everyone watch it.

Last night, Sidney and I watched “The Shack.” I had read the book and was a little curious to see how it would be adapted to film. I also am a fan of Tim McGraw. Usually this never happens, but the images I conjured up while reading the book in my brain translated pretty closely to how they were depicted in the movie! “The Shack” definitely drew emotion out of us but I am pretty sure many others won’t enjoy it as much as we did.

Ready For An Awesome Month – As I mentioned in the introduction, I am stoked for this month. Why so giddy? Well, a few reasons: Sidney and I will celebrate our wedding anniversary. We will attend the Carolina Country Music Festival. My mom and brother will both come to town. I will get to celebrate Father’s Day as an actual dad! Sloan will be baptized. Talk about a lot of fun….and a lot of potential blog posts!

My brother is coming to town this month. He will meet Sloan for the first time.

NBA Finals – After pretty much a whole season of hype, the NBA Finals matchup that everyone wanted to see (again) will tip off tonight. The Golden State Warriors will battle the Cleveland Cavaliers for the third straight season. I would like to see the Warriors sweep the Cavs but my prediction is that the series will go six games, with Golden State eventually hoisting the trophy. Depending on whether the referees grant Lebron every possible call (per usual), the series could stretch to seven games.

Latest Sloan Photos – Our baby girl had an excellent month of May. Now almost 11 weeks, Sidney and I are so pleased with the little person that is ours. She rolled over last Friday and she is sleeping so well at night. Here is the latest picture collage.

Here is the latest Sloan photo collage. She will turn 11 weeks tomorrow.


I hope you are as excited and optimistic about this month as I am. Have a great weekend and enjoy the NBA Finals. Don’t Blink.

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