Sloan’s New Friend

Well, things got much more exciting for our South Carolina family this past week. My sister-in-law, Steph, had her third child on Thursday. She gave birth to a handsome and healthy baby boy named Henry. Mom and son are both doing great!

The good-looking Yarborough family with newest member Henry (photo courtesy of Jon).

Sidney and Steph had a special bond over the past several months because they were both pregnant at the same time. However, now that both babies are here, I would dare say that bond intensifies even more. Two sisters will have the opportunity to raise their infants side-by-side.

Aunt Sidney holding Henry on Thursday (photo credit to Court).

Of course, the real winner in my opinion is Sloan. She now has a cousin who is exactly her age. How many of us can say that? Only 76 days separate the birthdays of Sloan and Henry. Better yet, only two miles separate the pair in location. Sloan only needs to get her mommy or daddy to take her on a five minute car ride whenever she wants to see her cousin.

Sidney holding Sloan and me holding Henry yesterday. Henry made Sloan look like a giant!

Actually, on second thought, perhaps the real winner is my mother-in-law who now has two beautiful grandbabies sandwiched between where she lives!

Okay, okay, I think we are all winners. To have two new healthy and happy babies in the family is a major blessing. For as long as the Resers and Yarboroughs are both in Myrtle Beach, it truly will be special to watch Sloan and Henry grow up together. It is my hope that they will be best friends and develop a special bond that will last their entire lives.

On Friday after work, I visited the hospital and got to hold Henry for the first time.

The seeds of that bond were planted yesterday. Stephanie brought Henry home from the hospital and it didn’t take long for Sloan to visit him. Although we were a bit surprised at how much she dwarfed her younger cousin (we still consider Sloan very small), we know it will all even out over time. The first meeting went well and there was nothing cuter than when both of their little heads were right next to each other.

I love this photo of Henry and Sloan resting right next to each other

This story will get even better in July but I will save that for when the time draws nearer. As of right now, we are so proud of the new additions to our Southern family and we can’t wait until later this afternoon when Sloan and Henry will meet again! Don’t Blink.

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