Father’s Day Weekend Thursday Rundown

How can you not enjoy this time of year? We are experiencing the longest days of the year. It is so refreshing to travel to work in the daylight and so nice to see the sun stay out until 8:30 p.m. I hope everyone is appreciating it. Time for the Thursday Rundown.

Father’s Day Is Coming – It is still pretty weird to think that I will be one of the celebrated this Father’s Day. However, this feeling was subdued just a bit earlier this week when I got my first ever Father’s Day card from my sister. It also came with a book. On Tuesday night, we had our friends and marriage counselors over for dinner and they brought me a gift as well. Tim and Kathy gave me a couple books to read Sloan and an adult book about fatherhood for me. This upcoming Sunday should be special.

This was the first Father’s Day card I ever received. It came earlier this week and was from my sister.

RIP Adam West – The original Batman, Adam West, recently passed away. It was a sad day for my dad. You see, Adam West was born in Walla Walla, Washington, the hometown of both my parents and my “home away from home” during my childhood. It brought my dad great joy to tell others that Batman came from “the place so nice they named it twice.” Technically he can still make that claim but now it is just a little different because West has passed.

Summer Social Media Fun – During the summer, social media engagement usually lessens for institutions of higher education. Because of this, it is important for social media professionals to get creative. At the start of the month, I debuted a couple of summer campaigns for our Coastal Carolina social media audience. On Facebook I am running Real Teal Advice. I send our alumni cards and they literally write out advice to current students on how they can maximize their time at CCU. Alumni then send me an image of themselves and an image of their card and I combine them into a post. On Instagram I am running a campaign called Four-Legged Friends of #CCU. Students and alumni send me photos of their dogs on campus and I post them to our Insta account with information on both the dog and the student/alumnus. I run both of these features three times per week. So far so good!

A look at what the two campaigns, Real Teal Advice and Four-Legged Friends of #CCU, look like.

Swimming With Dolphins Memory – I needed to share this happy memory. Exactly one year ago today, Sid and I swam with dolphins in Isla Mujeres. It was something Sidney had always wanted to do and we were lucky enough to check it off the bucket list while on our honeymoon. The dolphins put on a great show and we got to spend some up close and personal time with them. What an experience it was!

A photo of Sidney and I swimming with dolphins a year ago.

The Latest of the Latest Sloan Photos – I mentioned that Sloan had a wonderful month of May. Well, it is now halfway through June and if it keeps going this way then this month will actually top last month. With her west coast grandma and uncle coming to town soon and her baptism approaching, it looks promising that June will end with a bang. Here is the latest Sloan picture collage.

Sloan turns 13 weeks tomorrow. Here is the latest photo collage.


Time to wrap up this blog post so I can hang with my wife and daughter. I hope everyone has a terrific weekend. As always, thank you for reading. Don’t Blink.

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