Rango Thursday Rundown

It is June Eve Eve. In just a couple days we will welcome the first month of summer. So on that sunny note, let’s get to this evening’s five topics…

Grave Recipe – Our geocache activities took us to a small graveyard this past weekend. The Saltese Cemetery featured many unique tombstones and memorials. A particular gentleman who passed away in 2022 had a recipe for ranch dressing on the back of his stone. Marty Woolf also had a Diet Mt. Dew can resting on the base of the monument. I would make the recipe in his honor if I liked ranch dressing but since I don’t hopefully one of my readers will do it instead. I read his obituary and Marty seemed like an exceptional human being.

Those who enjoy ranch should take note of this recipe. May eternal life grant upon Marty, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him.

Rango – On Saturday, I took the kids to the Garland Theater to watch “Rango.” This particular animated film was made in 2011 and stars Johnny Depp as the voice of the leading character, a lizard who tries to re-invent himself. The movie is billed as a western and received rave reviews when it came out 13 years ago. However, I personally thought the price of admission—which was free—was about as much as I would ever pay to see it.

We went to the Garland on May 25 to watch “Rango.”

Signature Select Cookie Dough Ice Cream – In last week’s Thursday Rundown, I marked the eighth anniversary of my famous cookie dough ice cream battle that tasked my wife with sampling and rating five different brands of cookie dough ice creams. Since we lived in the South at the time, we didn’t have access to a Safeway store. If we did, I would have been curious to see how the company’s Signature Select cookie dough ice cream would have performed. I opened the below tub earlier this week and was impressed with how packed it was with cookie dough and chocolate chunks. The taste was on-point too.

This ice cream looked good and it definitely tasted good.

Top Five Fun – If you remember, last week marked the sixth anniversary of my top 5 beers blog post. Today I get to mark a couple of other “top 5” anniversaries. On May 30, 2017, I revealed my top 5 favorite sodas. I will let you follow the link for the full list but the shirt I am wearing below will give you a good idea on what tops it. And then on May 30, 2018, I wrote about my top 5 favorite Glade air fresheners. I promise, I do actually have a life 😂.

I am a Dr. Pepper fan.

Rainbow – What better way to end this rundown than with a rainbow? Yesterday evening Sloan and I were out geocaching. We hit up a couple sites that no longer had a cache and it put Sloan in a bad mood. However, the rainbow managed to put a smile back on her face.

Taste the rainbow! What a beautiful scene on May 29, 2024, in the Spokane Valley.


I hope everyone has enjoyed a worthwhile May. Sending positive vibes for June and the best summer ever. Don’t Blink.

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