Daddy Original Thursday Rundown

What a day to be alive! Hope you currently have a lot of enthusiasm and optimism in your life. If you don’t, perhaps this Thursday Rundown will give you a boost. Let’s get started with tonight’s five topics…

Chicken Nugget Burritos – Earlier this week I made the kids what I am calling a “daddy original.” For dinner, I invented chicken nugget burritos which are pretty much exactly like they sound. I put the really good lightly breaded Costco chicken nuggets in the air fryer, chopped them up, and filled two tortillas. I wanted to add cheese and salsa as well but Sloan and Beau weren’t game for that. I served the burritos with tortilla chips and I had two happy kids.

Beau and Sloan enjoying their chicken nugget burritos.

Birthday Boy King – One of my favorite photos from Beau’s birthday was him wearing his crown. My son’s Pre-K3 teacher, Ms. Shaurette, crowned him the birthday boy king. As the “ruler” of the class on his special day, he also served as classroom leader and fed his kingdom cupcakes.

Beau sporting his birthday crown.

Super Bowl LVIII – I might be as apathetic as I have ever been for a Super Bowl game. Sorry to say it, but I am completely bored by the Kansas City vs. San Francisco match up and I have never been an Usher guy. But you better leave I will still drive my family over to my parents’ house for some good food and the commercials. I guess now is the best time and place for me to continue my advocacy for the Super Bowl to be moved to Saturday. Come on people, it just makes sense! If you don’t agree, read my thoughts on the issue and you might change your mind.

I am not overly excited for Super Bowl LVIII.

I Just Came For The Cake – Last week I showed a picture of Sid’s cake, yesterday I showed a picture of Beau’s cake, and tonight I show a picture of this very delicious-looking Coug cake. I was in Pullman today for a video shoot surrounding leap year. We are making a video that will recognize our students born on Feb. 29 and this cake was one of our props. You have to wait three more weeks until we release the video (I will make sure to share a link on the Thursday Rundown) but in the meantime you can wish that you had a slice of this 😋.

This was the cake we used, baked by WSU Dining Services, for our leap year video.

National Iowa Day – Today is National Iowa Day and I have some history with the state. I spent time in Iowa City and in a place called Council Bluffs. In fact, I have randomly experienced the latter town a couple different times. My dad and I pulled over there to spend the night when we made our cross-country trip to Myrtle Beach. Then, about a year later, I found myself in Omaha with the Coastal Carolina University men’s basketball team for the NCAA Tournament. The night before the tournament, I crossed the state line with a couple of athletics staffers to visit the Council Bluffs casino. I won’t be too terribly disappointed if I don’t visit the town again.

Striking a pose in “beautiful” Council Bluffs, Iowa in 2014.


Thanks for your attention this evening. Wishing everyone a great conclusion to your school/work week tomorrow and a fun Super Bowl weekend. Don’t Blink.

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