Sidney Is Feeling 32

My wife is a self-proclaimed “Swifty” so I have a loving plan to soften the blow of her turning 32 years old today. When Sid wakes up, I am going to sing that Taylor Swift song about “feeling 32”…

Oh, wait. I think Sidney is 10 years too old for that treatment. I just remembered the song is called “22”—not 32 😂.

Ha! Okay, enough with the jokes. My annual birthday blog post in Sid’s honor isn’t about roasting her; rather, it is about celebrating her and commemorating a date that would be tattooed on my bicep if I chose to have tattoos. Whenever January 28 comes around on the calendar, I always thank God for blessing this day with the most important woman in my life.

Today my wife turns 32. I love you, Sid!

Before beginning a new trip around the sun today, Sid had a pretty spectacular year as a 31-year-old. She led point on us buying a house, she amazed her bosses at Traveler’s, and her incredible faith continued to bear fruit as she led an entire retreat and became a godmother. And that just scratches the surface.

But the point of this blog post is not to look back at 31. Instead, it is to look forward to 32 and the promise it carries for my wife. This latest birth year is going to bring plenty of DIY house projects, continued chances to impress at work, and a couple big opportunities to truly help others. Stay tuned.

Sidney has so many incredible talents and qualities that I could celebrate in this birthday post. But this year, I just want to highlight one: her selflessness. She puts others first, always shows humility, and consistently takes the high road. People of Sid’s nature deserve birthdays the most because otherwise they would simply never permit a day to be about them.

We have a relaxing day planned with friends, family, and lots of cake. I imagine we might listen to some Taylor Swift, too, but I will refrain from playing that “22” song 😂. Thanks be to God for Sidney Mathis Reser! Don’t Blink.

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  1. Brent, What a wonderful tribute to your beautiful wife! I enjoy reading each and every blog you take the time to write. Birthdays can be she is very confusing, because in actuality, all year long Sidney will be “looking back” at 32 and looking forward to 33, because tomorrow is the first day of her 33rd year. Does this make sense?

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