Cash Thursday Rundown

Good evening, esteemed readers. After last week’s emergence of extreme winter weather across the country, things have seemed to settle down this week. In fact, the roads were decent enough that I was able to drive to Pullman today and work from campus. Let’s get started with tonight’s Thursday Rundown…

Pizza Pocket – Tell me you had an elementary school cafeteria moment without telling me you had an elementary school cafeteria moment. This past Saturday I had a pizza pocket, a delicacy I loved as a kid but can’t seem to really find in 2024. But thanks to the Rosauers deli, I was able to enjoy some nostalgia as I sunk my teeth into a fresh, flaky, slightly spicy pizza pocket. Although Sloan doesn’t look too impressed in the photo below, it was my top lunch of the year so far.

I was thrilled to eat a pizza pocket but I don’t think Sloan shared my enthusiasm.

Wrestling Match – Sloan recently brought home a flyer that advertised a youth wrestling program offered by the Catholic high school. She placed it in front of me and said she wanted to participate. That motivated me to take her to a prep wrestling match so she could see first-hand what the sport is all about. But I didn’t just take her to your typical high school wrestling match—I took her to the wrestling match where a legend was honored. Sloan, Beau, and I traveled to my alma matter for last Thursday’s Mead High School Hall of Fame match that honored Cash Stone. The man built the wrestling scene in Spokane and even though he had retired long before I arrived as a student at Mead, his energy seemed to still echo through the halls. It was a cool moment to see his induction and watch the defending state champion Panther steamroll Ridgeline High School.

Cash Stone is honored at the Mead High School wrestling match on Jan. 18, 2024.

Netflix Reports – I have a documentary and a movie to offer for your viewing pleasure. The documentary I watched this week is brand new and is called “American Nightmare.” The three-part series is about a boyfriend who falls under suspicion when his girlfriend is kidnapped. When the girlfriend returns a few days later, both are suspected of a master hoax. Wait until you find out what really happened! I also watched “Queenpins,” a 2021 film based on true events about two women who hatch a coupon racket. It is a comedy with some star power and some of the coupon tactics remind me of something I might do. I don’t think you can go wrong on either option.

You can watch both “American Nightmare” and “Queenpins” on Netflix.

Sunshine State Day – Today is National Florida Day. When it comes to the state, I have spent time in Orlando, Jacksonville, Miami, and the Florida Keys. My favorite out of the four? The Florida Keys! We went there for my sister-in-law’s destination wedding and had the opportunity to be tourists in Key West. Fun fact: While there, we stood at the southernmost spot in the continental United States, just a mere 90 miles from Cuba.

A photo of Sidney and Sloan during our vacation in the Florida Keys.

Cinnamon Churro Ice Cream – When I went out late last Friday night to pick up some ice cream, my wife wasn’t too impressed with what I brought home. But what is not to like about cinnamon churro ice cream infused with a honey bun swirl and churro pieces? And the fact that it was deeply discounted made it even better (or perhaps worse?). Anyway, although Sid rolled her eyes when she saw Safeway’s Signature Select Cinnamon Churro ice cream in our freezer, she changed her tune when she actually tried it. Although I will admit that the frozen churro pieces are a little weird, it has great flavor and the swirl is on-point.

The Safeway Signature Select Cinnamon Churro Ice Cream was a little eccentric but actually pretty good.


That is a wrap for my latest Thursday Rundown. It is a special weekend for my sweet wife so I look forward to celebrating her. Thanks be to God! Don’t Blink.

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