Jonas Brothers Thursday Rundown

Hopefully by now you have adjusted to the time change and your internal clock isn’t too messed up to comprehend a Thursday Rundown. It should help that I write at about a second grade level 😊 Okay, here we go with tonight’s five topics…

Taylor Swift Book – Okay, how was this book even available at the library? I figured it would have been on like a 34-week hold or something. Also, I thought the Little Golden Book series was just reserved for Disney stories and other wholesome content. Nonetheless, you better believe Sloan wanted us to check this Taylor Swift book out. It actually wasn’t that bad, it covered a lot of Swift’s upbringing and had some good messages in it (but nothing about her relationship with Travis Kelce).

We checked out this Taylor Swift book and read it on Tuesday night.

Jonas Brothers – From one massive entertainer to the next, Sidney had the opportunity to attend the Jonas Brothers concert in the Spokane Arena on Tuesday night. She was literally counting down the days until the show and had been playing Jonas Brothers music for months. My sister along with our friend, Fidela, jammed out with Sid throughout the four-hour concert. Upon her arrival home, I didn’t even mind when Sidney woke me up at 12:30 a.m. to tell me she had an incredible time at the concert because I was so happy she had such a memorable experience.

Fidela, Sidney, and Miranda at the Jonas Brother’s concert.

Pre K-3 Artwork – When I dropped Beau off at school the other day, I noticed this turkey on the bulletin board. Each 3-year-old has a feather with what they are thankful for on it. Beau’s entry? Mommy, daddy, sister, grandma, and Papa’s cat. Sorry dad, hope you don’t take it too personal that Muffin was mentioned before you.

A look at the “thankful turkey” that Beau’s class did.

Netflix Weekly Pick – The movie I caught this week was “No Hard Feelings.” To reduce the plot to its very basics, a mom and dad hire an older woman to “date” their son before he goes off to college. I was pretty surprised that Jennifer Lawrence, who played the “older woman,” took the role. With that said, my takeaway from the film is how versatile Lawrence is as an actress. Whether it be “Hunger Games,” “Serena,” or a cringy movie like this one, she can embrace any role with complete commitment.

“No Hard Feelings” wasn’t a very good film but Jennifer Lawrence once again proves her acting chops.

Feeling Symmetrical – Today marks the three-year anniversary of when Beau finished his helmet therapy. Beau wore the helmet for four months to correct a slightly misshapen head. When the headgear came off for good, our son’s head was perfectly symmetrical, a tribute to modern day medical technology and a stringent “helmet on” schedule we adhered to. The video I made about Beau’s helmet is still my most-viewed TikTok video.

This was Beau’s last day in his helmet.


That will conclude things for tonight. I have a very busy next several days but that is for another blog post. Have a great weekend, everyone. Don’t Blink.

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