Brent’s Top Best Songs of 2023

Okay everyone, my annual “Brent’s Top 5 Best Songs of the Year” packs an extra punch this year. No, it is not because my typical musical-illiterate analysis has improved; hardly. If anything, my picks become even more questionable as I continue to age away from the 18-34 demographic that Top 40 music targets. Rather, this year’s list is special because it is my 10th edition!

Can you believe it? A decade of badly evaluating the top songs from the previous 12 months.

Well, perhaps these annual lists are just “bad” from the perspective of anyone who has even the most remedial musically-inclined ear. Because, to be honest, I treasure these annual evaluations. Many of the songs I have chosen include some type of personal emotional appeal that last long after the year they were made. Also, whenever I need a song for Alexa to play while I clean the kitchen, I instantly reference these lists.

But let’s re-focus from “these” to “this”. The blog post you are reading is about my favorite songs in 2023. I criticized the past two years for a lack of quality songs that contrasted from the better crop of options in previous years. This year? I would say the field is more in line with pre-2021 selections. Enjoy…

I present to you my top 5 songs of 2023.

5. Give Me a Kiss – Crash Adams

The first time I heard it, I thought “This song is fresh.” Not only that, but it was positive, upbeat, and catchy, all things I value in a song. Although I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I thought Crash Adams was a single person (opposed to a duo) for the longest time, I guess it makes sense that you would need two people to make a song this fun.

If you need another reason to like “Give Me a Kiss” (I didn’t), the theme is about falling in love and the highs and lows that come with it. Totally wholesome, right? I jammed to this song all year long.

4. Is It Over Now – Taylor Swift

Did you think I would have the audacity to not include a song from the 2023 Time Person of the Year? Well, if I thought all the person’s music sucked I wouldn’t have. But this selection is all about merit, baby. I have a specific type of Taylor Swift song—the serious, echoey, mysterious variety—that I really like and “Is It Over Now” checks the box. For me, it falls into the same category as my other favorite Taylor Swift songs, some of which have made this countdown in the past: “Blank Space,” “Are We Out of the Woods Yet?,” and “Anti-Hero.”

I believe Taylor Swift is the only person who could incorporate the mouthful of a verse Let’s fast forward 300 takeout coffees later and make it sound natural/good. My only question: Why did she wait so long to release it? Swift originally made “Is It Over Now” for her 1989 album. Oh well, better late than never.

3. Waffle House – The Jonas Brothers

Could this song be on the list because of my wife’s obsession for the Jonas Brothers? After all, she made us listen to the group’s music for three months straight before she went to their concert in November. But no, that’s not the reason. I liked this song from the moment I heard it long before my wife’s Jo Bros binge. Like with “Give Me a Kiss,” it is a song that is upbeat and catchy. It is straightforward and easy on the ears with a chorus that you can shout out.

However, there is also an additional piece to my enjoyment of this song. Remember how I said that some of the tracks that make my annual list forge a personal appeal with me? Well let me tell you something…I love the Waffle House! Whenever I hear the song it always takes me back to some Waffle House in South Carolina. Sidney and I had many good times—and good meals—at the chain. “Waffle House” by the Jonas Brothers just about allows me to taste some of those covered hash browns.

2. Calm Down – Rema, Selena Gomez

I love this song for its uniqueness and collaborative nature. The melody is fire and the Rema-Selena back-and-forth simply hits the target. Then you have that chorus that is tough not to sing along to—even for a 30-something man like myself.

Like with “Waffle House,” I have a personal anecdote with this song too. When we went on our summer vacation, we were singing the chorus every time it came on satellite radio—which was a lot. Even though our “singing of the chorus” comprised of us just saying “calm down, calm down,” and then humming the rest, we got excited each time it came on. A solid song that is remembered fondly by my family was naturally going to rank high on this list.

1. Enough is Enough – Post Malone

Back in 2019, I chose Post Malone’s “Sunflower” as my #1 song of the year. Fast forward several years later and Post Malone is back in my top spot for the very same reasons. The song is contemplative. You can listen to the track and pleasantly get lost in your thoughts. Even though “Enough is Enough” is about a difficult theme (alcoholism) the dark subject matter doesn’t put you in a bad mood. It is simply a beautiful song. The way he pretty much cries the chorus is deep, powerful, and enchanting.

“Enough is Enough” is the one song on this list that I can easily listen to over and over. When it comes to this Post Malone hit, enough just isn’t enough. This song has staying power and I can see myself listening to it for years to come.


Thanks to everyone for checking out my picks for the 10th version of this countdown. There definitely needs to be a Spotify playlist or something for the 50 songs that have been recognized by me over the years. Congrats to Post Malone for becoming the first artist to claim the #1 spot on my countdown for multiple years. I know he must be very honored 😂. Don’t Blink.

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