Our Halloween Candy Moderation Strategy

We made the rounds on the trunk-or-treat circuit this past weekend. In addition to Saturday’s St. Mary Halloween Extravaganza that had a trunk-or-treat component to it, we took the kids to a couple public trunk-or-treats later that evening. As you could imagine, Sloan and Beau accumulated some candy.

As we were driving home from that final trunk-or-treat, Sidney did something that caught us all by surprise. She asked Sloan and Beau for their treat bags. Once they were passed up to the front seat Sidney took Sloan’s treat bag and dumped it all into Beau’s treat bag. No, little brother wasn’t getting all of big sister’s loot, Sidney was establishing a single source of candy for all…parents included 😂. Consolidation at its best!

This is our single Halloween treat bag for the whole family.

Sidney is taking this new approach to Halloween candy for a couple reasons (and it makes sense). First, she doesn’t want the kids fighting over who got what. Nothing is more annoying than the jealousy and whining that comes from one kid when they see that their sibling scored more Nerd Clusters than they did.

Also, the single stream of candy will make monitoring so much easier. With us controlling all the candy from the beginning, our children won’t be able to hoard their sweets, stash pieces away, or accidentally spill Pop Rocks all over the carpet.

Perhaps most important of all, we can control moderation. Sloan and Beau are extremely impressive when it comes to eating a lot of candy in a very short period of time. But until an Olympic sport is created for that, it isn’t something that we encourage. With the one container of candy kept high in our pantry, we can distribute a couple pieces of candy to the kids at times we deem appropriate.

And, of course, as I alluded to above, this new approach will also increase the window of opportunity we have to…how shall I put it…test for quality control? With “Sloan’s candy” and “Beau’s candy” now merged to form “family’s candy” we are much more obliged to sample the stash every now and then.

With the main event tomorrow, we plan to continue with this strategy. Look for a future update. Don’t Blink.

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