Halloween Costumes 2023

Happy Halloween, friends! I hope today’s holiday finds you well and hopefully you have something to be excited about. Whether that be passing out candy to trick-or-treaters, watching a horror movie marathon, or, in my case, enjoying Halloween through your children, my wish is that you have some optimism fueling that fire inside of your jack-o-lantern.

Sloan and Beau in their 2023 Halloween costumes with the Black Panther (aka Aminah 😉) – Photo courtesy of Shauna.

This Halloween marks the fourth time Sidney and I have had the opportunity to dress two kids in costumes. However, I think this year was the easiest in terms of deciding who was going to wear what. Let’s end the suspense…

Beau…I mean Spiderman…walks away from a trunk at the St. Mary Halloween Extravaganza.

For the second year in a row, Sloan is a witch. The familiar costume beat out Mary Poppins and the decision was entirely our daughter’s. But this year’s version is slightly refreshed from Halloween 2022. She now has a fancy jack-o-lantern t-shirt to wear over her black garb and an accessory has been added…a black and orange broom! Sloan LOVES the prop we bought at Target as it was hard to find her without it between her legs at this past weekend’s Halloween festivities as she used it to “fly” from trunk to trunk.

Beau and Sloan pose for a photo at the Spokane County Library Halloween craft event this past Friday.

When it comes to Beau, he naturally went with the most appropriate costume for this stage in his life…SPIDERMAN! I personally would have been disappointed if he didn’t opt for the character he watches on Disney+ every single day. Watching hours and hours of “Spidey And His Amazing Friends” prepared Beau very well for how to act while in costume. At the library Halloween craft event on Friday and at all the trunk-or-treats on Saturday, Beau used his hand to sling imaginary webs at everyone he encountered. There is something so endearing about watching a mini 3-year-old Spiderman strut around in his costume.

Horrible blurry photo but it does show Beau shooting his web.

I don’t have any “a witch and a Spiderman walk into a bar…” jokes so I will end with this: Be safe tonight! Happy Halloween to all. Don’t Blink.

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